5 low-light houseplants

Having a house with little light can be, for a plant lover and a priori, a sentence. However, the reality is far from that sentiment because the list of low-light houseplants is extensive. And no: enjoying them does not mean giving up beauty or exuberance. Actually, it is enough to know which are the species that have a lower demand for light to discover a range of exciting plants.

The incredible thing about indoor plants is that it is almost impossible not to find the right one for our space. And we are not only talking about indoor plants with low light but also about aesthetics. Because the variety of species and types is so rich that it is practically impossible not to find the right one for our interior design.

And that is the purpose of this list of proposals: to discover different types of plants that can live perfectly in spaces with low lighting.


Let’s start by breaking a myth that is almost part of popular culture. When talking about indoor plants with low light, there is often a prejudice that we are only talking about green plants. Or, put another way, of plants that only have leaves but lack flowering. And no, it’s not. There are quite a few low-light houseplants that are also eye-catching for their flowers. Something more than interesting for those who believe that the lack of light is to give them up.

In addition to this, there is another little-known detail when it comes to low-light houseplants. In general, they are plants that require little irrigation. And it is not a minor detail but, rather, it is crucial. If we are unfamiliar with plants, it never hurts to review the list of tips to choose your plants because irrigation is precisely an important factor in choosing one or the other. But if, more than this, our problem is memory, there is no doubt: these types of plants will be perfect for us.

So let’s see how enjoying indoor plants in low light does not mean giving up beauty or flowers.

1. Monstera deliciosa, a plant that never goes out of style

One of the most popular low-light houseplants. get it here

It is one of the plants of the moment but, despite the trends, it is one of the plants to have at home that your grandmother already had. The delicious monstera is, without a doubt, one of the most complete plants that exist. It is rustic, has a spectacular growth and its climbing character makes it a perfect plant for any interior.

Monstera deliciosa care is simple. And let’s have something clear: although it is true that it grows in spaces with little light, its development will be less than in rooms with filtered light. It is also important to be clear that it is not a plant with a high demand for water. What’s more: excessive watering can compromise your life.

2. Begonia, a perfect choice for color lovers

Whatever its variety, its leaves are a real show. Include it among your plants

If anything characterizes begonias, it is their incredible variety of shapes and colors. Something that makes them absolutely irresistible plants. But it is not the only reason to choose them. Added, we are talking about a botanical family that does not require great care or is too demanding in its maintenance. But it is not its only attraction: in addition, the begonia has an extremely beautiful and generous flowering.

To grow a begonia, it is essential to provide it with a warm environment and a always humid substrate. Be very careful when exposing it to the cold: it is a tropical plant.

3. Zamioculca, one of the hardiest low-light houseplants

An undemanding and extremely grateful plant. Buy it in our Verdecora online store

Its prominent position in the list of easy-care plants is not for nothing. The zamioculca, in addition to being extremely original due to the arrangement of its stems and leaves, is an ideal plant for many reasons. Not only is it not very demanding with lighting but, added, it does not require a high irrigation schedule, so it is also suitable for those who are new to plants.

But beyond its decorative or botanical benefits, there is one more reason to consider including it among our plants. The role of the zamioculca in feng shui is something that the different Eastern philosophies praise. And, if our home is governed by that way of understanding life, it is a plant that cannot be missing.

4. African violet, the ideal companion for flower lovers

A perfect plant for those who enjoy flowers all year round. Learn more about her

It is one of the most valued flowering indoor plants. And is not for less. The care of the African violet does not involve great difficulty and only has one requirement: not to go hand in hand with irrigation. An excess of water can be lethal, so it is better to fall short than to overdo it.

But beyond the ease of its care, there is another reason to look favorably on the African violet. It is a plant that, with proper care, can be permanently in flower.

5. Anthurium, one of the most popular low-light houseplants

The perfect color mix to decorate an interior. Enjoy it at home

There are few plant lovers who have not had, before or since, an anthurium or anthurium. A plant with unique heart-shaped leaves that also has striking red bracts that are often mistaken for flowering.

But it is not only its size that is the only interesting thing about this plant. How to take care of an anthurium is very easy so, with little work, it can look extremely striking in our home.

If this list of low-light houseplants falls short for you, no problem! Our colleague Tomás has more proposals to make in just a few minutes. Hit play and discover them!

Impossible not to find among so much variety the perfect one for you!

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