5 plants to have at home that your grandmother would have

A grandmother’s house is always one of those memories that are engraved in memory. Its aromas, spaces or even details create a singular nostalgia that, sooner or later, evokes our mind as part of who we are. And, beyond the particularities of each one, there is an element common to all of them. We refer to the plants to have at home. Some that were part of the decoration of those homes that, today, we remember with a mixture of nostalgia and innocence.

Curiously, the plants to have at home were authentic essentials for our ancestors. Some companions of those homes of another time in which always! there were pots. And, curiously also, in almost all the houses were the same ones. The reason is simple. At that time, the plants to have at home came from the exchange of cuttings with friends, acquaintances or neighbors. A practice that, although it has fallen into disuse today, was for a long time the way of sharing plants to have at home.

If you want to recover that essence of your grandmother’s house, discover some perfect plants for it. A way to have a small tribute to our ancestors and, incidentally, to put a retro touch in any space.


The range of plants to have at home is very wide. But it is curious to see that a good part of the indoor plants that we enjoy at home are the same ones with which we grew up. What’s more: many of those green plants that are now very popular are precisely the ones that decorated our grandmothers’ houses. So, what better way to combine tradition and trend when choosing your plants?

And while the list could be much longer, let’s take a look at some simply wonderful plants for two reasons. The first: its incredible green beauty. The other and no less important: the simplicity of its care. A detail that will allow us to enjoy them even if we do not have that «good hand» that our grandmother had.

1. Monstera monkey, one of the plants to have at home that renews tradition

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The monstera is one of the quintessential house plants. And there are quite a few reasons for this. Beyond its spectacular growth and climbing character, the care of the monstera or Adam’s Rib is extremely simple. Something key for it to be, for many decades, one of the favorite plants both for bright homes and for others that suffer from a lack of light.

Despite the fact that its dimensions are one of the most attractive aspects, there are those who look for smaller plants to have at home. For these people, the solution is as simple as opting for another variety of monstera with similar characteristics, but with much lower growth. We mean to discover the monstera Adansonii. A beautiful green plant that, despite belonging to the monstera genus, has leaves that are slightly different from those we know.

2. Aspidistra, a super resistant choice

One of the most resistant plants to have at home. Get to know her thoroughly

Surely you have seen it on many occasions, but until now you did not know how to identify it. The aspidistra is one of the ideal plants to have at home for those who start gardening. And it is that one of its characteristics is that it is an incredibly resistant plant. What’s more: it is the perfect plant for those who forget watering, since it only needs it every two weeks.

Beyond this detail, there are other reasons that make it an essential plant for the home. Its main characteristic is its foliage, which is intensely green, bright and abundant. And, although we usually grow it indoors, it also admits being outdoors with certain precautions. For starters, you need to be in the shade and whenever it’s hot. And, in case of any mistake, we should not worry: it even withstands light frosts, as long as they are not very long.

3. Potho, another of the classic plants

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The plant that, yes or yes, our grandmother had at home! It was that plant that we saw in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom or even on the landing. And the reason for having her everywhere wasn’t just a matter of passion. The real reason is not only because potho care is super simple or because we are talking about an extremely resistant plant. It is also because potho multiplies successfully as easily as it is cultivated.

And, in case you need another reason to include it in your selection of plants to have at home, here it goes. The potho is climbing, so it is perfect for filling any space in the house with nature.

4. Begonia Corallina, one of the most spectacular plants to have at home

A beautiful option to fill your home with green and color. Include it among your plants

It is one of the most beautiful houseplants for several reasons. It is not only bushy and good growing. Added features a delicate coral-colored bloom from early spring until well into summer. And getting to enjoy the show of flowers of this plant is not complicated at all.

The one big precaution with this plant is temperature. Since it is of Mexican origin, it does not tolerate cold very well, so we cannot subject it to less than 10 degrees.

5. Alocasia cucullata, a beautiful green plant with a retro air

The last of our plants to have at home for lovers of large leaves. Enjoy it at home!

The last of our proposals for plants to have at home that, yes or yes, you have seen in your childhood. And you surely remember those large leaves that adorned rooms and, again, stair landings. If until now you did not know what plant it was, now is the time to find out: it is the Alocasia cucullata. A medium-sized plant ideal for decorating any space with nature.

Beyond its spectacular size, the Alocasia cucullata is not a complicated plant to grow. It is not demanding in terms of its light needs, but it is in terms of temperature and humidity. On the one hand, it needs heat and, on the other, it demands both constant watering and good environmental humidity.

Which of these five plants to have at home remind you of your grandmother? Share it with us!

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