5 seasonal plants to live the summer

Although it is possible to enjoy flowers all year round, it is true that there are times that lend themselves even more. Without a doubt, one of them is summer. That moment when, thanks to seasonal plants, we can savor sunny days more and better. The ones we look forward to all year long. Some that incite to be lived outdoors and with nature as a companion. Something in which seasonal plants can be perfect allies.

And it is undeniable. There is little compared to enjoying the colors of nature as part of that festival of tones and joy that summer entails. A pleasure for which it is not essential to have a garden. Even having only a balcony or a small terrace can become our garden. It is a symbol of life as are these months in which the sun seems to make us humans reborn as well.

Thus, and to fully enjoy a season that invites you to do so, today we want to propose five seasonal plants that are ideal for any space. Some that will create with their blooms that summer atmosphere with which sunny days seem to taste even better.


Choosing just a few among all the summer season plants is tricky. And it is that we are in that season in which a good part of the plants display their charms. Something that substantially expands the range of choices.

However, there are some seasonal plants that are true protagonists of summer. Some that, either by tradition, beauty or resistance, are the queen flowering plants of this time. And, as if this were not enough, they have another attraction: the incredible ease of their care.

Let’s see what are those seasonal plants that, yes or yes, have close by thanks to our colleague Tomás.

And, now that you know what they are, let’s see more details of each of them to be able to cultivate them correctly.

1. Calibrachoa

One of those seasonal plants that we can enjoy with little care. Buy it here in our Verdecora online store

One of the most common seasonal plants. Its nickname of Million Bells honors its profuse bell-shaped flowering. Some flowers reminiscent of those of the Surfinia, and it is not for less: both the latter and the Calibrachoa are related to the Petunia. Hence the familiarity of its bloom.

Creeping, something that makes it perfect for hanging planters, the Calibrachoa has similar care to the Surfinia with two differences: it is more resistant, and it can live from one season to another. For this, we will only have to be careful in winter. We can only expose it to soft frosts of up to -2 degrees. If we live in a colder climate, the ideal is that we protect it even inside the house until spring arrives.

To see it bloom with joy, the ideal is for it to receive direct sun for as many hours as possible. In addition, it needs a slightly acidic substrate and good drainage. This last aspect is essential. The Calibrachoa does not support waterlogging, but it does need regular watering every maximum couple of days.

Simple care for one of those seasonal plants that also allow us to extend the summer. We say this because, well cultivated, it can be in flower from early spring until well into fall. It is worth paying attention to!

2. Fuchsia, a seasonal plant that continues to bloom in the fall

A seasonal plant that we can enjoy in flower until winter. Learn more about Fuchsia here

Also called Earrings of the Queen for its unique flowering. Both its name and nickname give us a clue to the color and shape of its flowers. Pendants, elegant and striking. A perfect trio of aces for a bushy plant that, despite being considered one of the seasonal plants typical of summer, maintains its flowering throughout the autumn and part of the winter. We just have to be careful with the temperature: Fuchsia does not support temperatures below 8 degrees.

The ideal location for Fushsia is in shade or partial shade, but always with plenty of light. Of course: we will have to protect it from the direct sun. During the flowering months, it is important that we maintain an abundant irrigation schedule so that the soil is always moist. But without going over. An excess of water can cause the leaves to drop, so having good drainage is essential.

Rich in nutrients and of natural origin: this is our substrate. Discover its features here

Finally, and to promote flowering, the ideal is that it has a substrate rich in organic matter and that, during the spring and summer months, we apply a liquid fertilizer in the irrigation water.

3. Geranium

An essential seasonal plant for flower lovers. Discover this pansy geranium here

Another of the essential seasonal plants for nature lovers. And there is no lack of reason to be. In addition to its incredible resistance, the geranium is one of the so-called grateful plants. Or, what is the same, that it needs very little to be healthy and flourish. A compelling reason for it to be one of the most common plants on balconies and terraces.

Being able to enjoy this plant involves knowing the few cares of the geranium that allow its cultivation. In addition to full sun, necessary to flourish; You also have to pay attention to watering. Because, although it needs a regular pattern of water, an excess can rot its roots. The key to get it right: keep the substrate slightly moist and take it as a reference before watering again.

In addition to applying a fertilizer for geraniums in the flower months, it is also important to prune in autumn. And finally, a piece of advice: watch it. We say this because it is vital that, before considering eliminating the geranium butterfly, we can prevent it with a specific insecticide. One way to prevent this insect from spoiling the enjoyment of the plant.

4. Surfinia

One of the summer’s quintessential seasonal plants. Learn more about Surfinia here

One of the seasonal plants that is considered the protagonist of summer. Colorful and elegant, the Surfinia is already a true classic in gardens, terraces and balconies. A wonderful flowering plant that will adorn any space in which we decide to grow it. In order to enjoy it, it is only necessary to know some of the keys to taking care of Surfinias. Some simple ones that start from a fundamental care: being in full sun. Something that they cannot miss.

But in addition to demanding the greatest possible number of hours of light, the Surfinia has more needs. One of them is irrigation. An aspect that we cannot neglect, since it is a plant with a high demand flower. However, we will also have to ensure that the plant has good drainage. Excess water in the roots is one of the main enemies of this plant.

Finally and to help its flowering, the ideal thing is that in the flower months we apply a fertilizer. We can do it both in bars and using a liquid fertilizer. A way to ensure that the Surfinia has everything it needs to nourish itself and be able to fully bloom.

5. Pelargonium, summer-loving seasonal plant

Similar to the geranium, the pelargonium is one of those easy-to-grow, eye-catching seasonal plants. Enjoy it buying it in our online store

There are many doubts raised by the pelargonium. And it is that, in appearance, it is equal to geranium. However, there are a number of aspects that differentiate each plant. On the one hand, that the pelargonium comes from the southern hemisphere, so it is less resistant to low temperatures. Something to contemplate, especially when the hot months are over and we have to put them under cover.

Another detail that differentiates these two seasonal plants is the shape of their flowers. While both have similar blooms and come in a huge range of colors, the pelargonium flower is slightly different. The distribution of its petals is irregular. Something practically invaluable and that does not change a characteristic common to both plants: the abundance of its flowering. One that we will have to help with a liquid fertilizer or in bars.

A regular dose of fertilizer for flowering plants will allow the pelargonium to bloom even until the arrival of winter. Discover our fertilizer for geraniums and flowering plants

Finally, a piece of advice: for the pelargonium to grow vigorously and to have the nutrients it needs, the ideal is to use a fertilizer for flowering plants.

Five seasonal plants ideal for living the summer. And you, without which one can you not conceive of living yours?

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