6 Most Famous Types and Varieties of Cucumbers

To consume alone or in salads, cucumbers are ideal, especially in summer because they have the property of being very refreshing.

Due to the characteristics of the plant, it is a vegetable that can be developed in different conditions, preferring greenhouses during the cold season.

It has beneficial properties for health, such as the fact that it helps in the digestive processes.Surely you have tried some of them and you have loved it, but how about we study some of its varieties?

french cucumber

It is a variety of cucumber capable of reaching up to 20 centimeters in length.Its external appearance is based on a bright green shell and does not have a large number of thorns (a very common detail in this vegetable).

It has the property of serving as a garnish to be consumed raw, giving it a little more flavor with a dressing.However, its greatest use in Spanish cuisine is reflected in the preparation of Andalusian gazpacho.

Although this is considered a variety in itself, it is also possible that versions will be presented, with slight differences.As for its taste, it is soft and delicious.

armenian cucumber

It is one of the most striking varieties of this vegetable that exist because it is an elongated cucumber, but whose shape is wavy.

This characteristic has been decisive so that in some populations it has been given the name of snake cucumber.

It is also detectable by the fact that it does not have a smooth skin, but small grooves are formed that give it a striated appearance.However, the skin tends to be quite thin.In the case of the interior, it is soft, with a delicate flavor and a yellowish color.

It is one of the most useful species when preparing pickles in vinegar.

persian cucumber

It is a very characteristic version of cucumber because it is much smaller than the traditional cucumber . It is barely capable of reaching 15 centimeters.

It has a cylindrical shape, although it is slightly ribbed , which makes it easy to differentiate it from other species.

The color is dark green and it has the ease of not having seeds inside, which makes it ideal to include in very demanding diets.

It is a version that can be worked in home gardens without problems, as they are very adaptable and have few needs.It is even a cucumber that has the ability to thrive in very dry climates.


It is surely one of the best known and most consumed cucumber varieties due to its ease of use and pronounced flavour.

It is a very small species that is usually worked by marinating in salt or other condiments that allow its pulp to be impregnated and supported in many preparations.

However, pickles can also be obtained in the market in a natural way, making it easier for us to decide what to add to the preserve.One of the most frequent uses that is usually given to pickles is in street food, incorporating them into sandwiches and hamburgers.

japanese cucumber

The Japanese cucumber is not one of the most popular in existence, but it can be found in some markets.

They are rather small in size, but they have a very pronounced flavor that is complemented, unlike other varieties, with a crispy texture.

It comes in a dark green color and they are distinguishable because their skin is much thicker than other similar versions.

spanish cucumber

It is a variety of cucumber that tends to be known for the extensive formation of spines on its skin , an issue that does not detract from its high commercial value.

They are not very long, varying from 10 to 15 centimeters at most and in terms of color, they appear dark green.

As this green is much darker than any other type, in some areas it is recognized as black cucumber.Of course, it is one of the varieties of cucumber that has the most flavor and that is complemented by a penetrating smell.

This power makes it easy to consume it raw and alone, without complications, or to safely incorporate it into many types of salads.Another striking detail of the species is that its different varieties have been named after gods of mythology. For example, Poseidon.

The main characteristic that places the cucumber as an ideal source for hot days is that it has a high water content, around 96%.This also contributes to making its cultivation very bearable, both at an industrial level and in home gardens.

Well, although it seems paradoxical, cucumbers are a vegetable of dry climates, so they develop well during the summer.It must be considered, however, that its nutritional content is not as high as other species, as in the case of carrots, for example.

But this does not detract from its value when incorporating it into the kitchen in salads or cooked in certain preparations.If you want to go deeper, you can see: How to plant cucumbers.

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