7 bulbs to plant in October

It is one of the essential tasks of this time of year. Although we see it far away, the bulbs to plant in October are a guarantee of living a spring full of flowers. And it is that, although it seems to us that autumn is a time only to prepare our garden for the cold, nothing is further from reality. It is also a perfect season to plan that our terrace, garden or even pots are filled with life even before the cold ends.

There are many reasons to know which bulbs to plant in October. It is more: we do not limit ourselves, only, to this station. Because the virtues of bulbs are absolutely timeless, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. We are not only talking about plants that require very little to grow and flourish. Added to this, they have that incredible ability to multiply so that, in a short time, we can propagate our flowers without any work on our part.

And if these two aspects make bulbous plants perfect, there is another reason not to give up having them. The incredible range of shapes, colors and textures means that, yes or yes, we find the ideal one for our space. Some wonderful wild brushstrokes that will make us happy, and a lot! life.


Before knowing which are the bulbs to plant in October, it is worth taking into account some factors. As we said, the cultivation of bulbous plants is not very difficult. But beware: do not trust us. That they are easy does not mean that they do not have any demands, because they do. And, curiously, all of them are intimately linked to a specific moment: the plantation.

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Among our tips on bulbs to plant in the fall, there are some that are essential for them to grow and bloom successfully. And the first of all, as obvious as it may seem, is to know the needs of the variety that we are going to plant. Or, better said, respond at the time of planting to its demands for sun or shade. Only in this way will our bulbs flower, and only in this way will we not be frustrated with their cultivation.

As important as this, there are two more aspects to be clear about:

  • The first is to respect the depth of planting, whether we plant directly in the ground or whether we consider how to plant bulbs in pots by levels.
  • The second: to guarantee our bulbs proper drainage that prevents them from rotting even before they germinate.

Taking into account these cultivation details, now yes: let’s see what are the bulbs to plant in October that will fill our lives with joy.

1. Crocus, one of the early flowering October planting bulbs

It is, in itself, a bulb that heralds spring. Because, even with snow, its flower emerging from the ground tells us that the cold is beginning to recede. Saffron family, its colorful and simple appearance is not without incredible beauty. Of course: it is a humble bulbous. And we say this because its size ranges between 10 and 25 centimeters. A relatively small size that, however, is part of its charm.

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Due to their size, it is interesting to always plant them in the front row. They are perfect for adding color to rockery areas, between bushes or even to flank a path. They can also be planted in pots and, although they need a certain dose of sun, they can flourish in semi-shade.

A tip for your plantation. Crocus bulbs are very small, so they only need a planting depth of 10 centimeters. To protect its germination and growth, it is advisable to mulch it with dry leaves, straw or peat. It will serve as protection for winter nights.

2. Narcissus, another of the symbols of spring

If there is a flower that symbolizes the season par excellence of flowers, it is the daffodil. What’s more: in some places, there is a tradition of holding a party to welcome spring when it begins to bloom in the fields.

Unlike other similar plants, the daffodil is one of the bulbs to plant in October that does have demands in its cultivation. In order to grow and flourish, it demands a soil rich in nutrients and with very efficient drainage. Two details even more important than irrigation, which must be regular, or the place of planting.

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Planting depth depends on the type of daffodil, as some are small and others much more spiky. If we opt for this option, it is worth staking them to prevent them from breaking under the weight.

3. Tulip, a classic bulb to plant in October

It is probably one of the most popular bulbs. And it is not only because of its color or its beauty. It’s also largely due to his incredible stamina. The tulip not only withstands temperatures many degrees below zero. In addition, it is one of the longest-lived bulbs both in terms of the plant itself and the duration of its flowers.

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Growing tulips, either directly in the ground or in pots, is not too demanding. They only require good substrate and good drainage. However, there are two aspects of your plantation that we must take great care of. One is to respect the stipulated distance, according to each type, between bulb and bulb so that they can grow correctly. The other is to keep the bulb hydrated for the first few weeks after planting. Be careful: only while there are no frosts, and concentrating on watering in the middle of the day.

4. Iris, one of the most beautiful blooms of spring

There are few flowers that have as much history and mythology behind them as the iris. It is not only a flower of extreme beauty. To its extraordinary attractiveness we must add its incredible resistance to pests and cold. Two aspects that make this bulb very common in gardens but also in pots.

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In addition to good drainage, the iris needs aerated soil to be able to grow without difficulty. And, as with the tulip, it is important to respect the planting distances and do it in a sunny location.

5. Freesia, scented beauty

Not only is it one of the most beautiful bulbs to plant in October. To its floral appeal, with long stems; we must add its particular aroma. A singular detail, since it is one of the few autumn bulbs that have a perfume.

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Due to its African origin, freesia bulbs require some important care during the winter. They do not tolerate frost, so to guarantee their growth it is important to create padding or mulching that protects them. Interestingly, despite their origins, they grow even better in light shade than in full sun. It is important that they have a slightly acidic and well-aerated soil.

6. Amaryllis, one of the bulbs to plant in cold October

Of our entire list of bulbs to plant in October, it is the one that best tolerates being grown indoors. Don’t let this mislead us: it is also a perfect candidate for outdoors, although it is important to know that it is sensitive to cold. Something to keep in mind if we live in a climate with harsh winters, since we will have to grow it protected with a garden blanket.

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In another order of care, it is necessary to know that it demands scarce risks during the period of lethargy. A guideline that we will only break when the flowering time approaches, and that we will have to maintain until its flowers wither.

7. Muscaris, one of the most generous bulbs

And we finish our proposal of bulbs to plant in October with one that cannot be missed. We do not say so, only because it is perhaps the bulbous plant that requires the least care. We say it, too, because it is one of the most generous in flowering. So, if we are lovers of color and flowers, muscaris can be our best ally.

A humble bulb in size but extremely beautiful. enjoy it

Enjoying this beautiful plant will require little of us. It is not a capricious bulb in terms of location, as it can grow and flourish in full sun or semi-shade. However, we do have to be regular with irrigation and transplant to a new substrate every three years to renew nutrients.

And now it poses the great dilemma: how to choose only one of these bulbs to plant in October? Simply impossible!

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