7 Cold-Resistant Perennial Plants

Garden lovers often look at it longingly when winter comes. A season that does not have to be sad or less spectacular when it comes to flowers. Enjoying it fully is as simple as discovering cold-resistant perennial plants. Some that will not only live without any kind of problem for a few degrees that the thermometer shows. In addition, they will resurface regardless of the harshness of winter.

Before discovering a selection of cold-resistant perennial plants, let’s learn a little more about them. In essence, we are talking about perennial plants with a substantial difference with respect to the latter. While perennials stay the same throughout the year, some perennials lose leaves and stems during the winter months. Something that does not imply its death, only that its roots remain alive under the ground. Waiting for the moment to be born again and fill any space with life.

And we say any space because one of the advantages of having this type of plants is that they give us a lot of room to decorate with nature. By interspersing cold-resistant perennial plants from different times of the year with other perennials, we can create flowerpots or flower beds or even decorate rockeries. A way to take advantage of their vegetative cycles for those who wonder how to have flowers in the garden all year round.


Choosing cold-resistant perennial plants is always a great option. But let’s not get confused. The fact that they withstand low temperatures without any problem does not mean, not even remotely, that we do not have to attend to their specific needs. Or, put another way: that, despite being tough plants, we cannot lose sight of whether they need to be planted in a certain location or have some particularity.

Only by contemplating these specific cares will we be able to make any of these cold-resistant perennial plants come out ahead.

1. Cyclamen, one of the perennial cold-resistant plants that blooms in winter

In addition to being one of the perennial plants resistant to cold, its flowering is winter. Get this plant here

It’s one of the most popular cold hardy perennials, and it’s not without reason. We are not only talking about a plant that does not involve great difficulty in its cultivation. In addition, its flowering occurs in winter, making it a perfect ally for flower lovers. It is not for less: white, fuchsia, pink and red are some of the shades in which we can enjoy this beautiful plant.

If we are rigorous with the care of the cyclamen, we can see it grow up to 40 centimeters. Among all of them, there are two in which we have to be especially meticulous: the place of planting and the water. It is essential to plant it in the shade, since it does not tolerate direct sun, much less summer. We will also have to be cautious with the amount of irrigation but, above all, with the drainage. Stagnant water is detrimental to its roots.

2. Jasmine, the beautiful plant that is not afraid of the cold

A plant with a beautiful flowering. Find out more about it in our Verdecora online store

One of the all-terrain cold hardy perennial plants. And it is that one of the benefits of jasmine is that it is capable of growing almost anywhere. Curiously, it is a plant native to warm climates and, however, it perfectly withstands low temperatures. Of course: in addition to needing to be planted in a bright semi-shade, it will need a little help to survive the winter. It is essential that, during the cold months, we keep its roots safe from frost. Something that happens by placing a pine bark padding or a thermal garden blanket.

Jasmine care is simple, since it is an undemanding plant. It demands good drainage, and a weekly watering during the winter and every two days in warm months will suffice. If we want to enjoy the flowering of the plant, it is important to fertilize with organic fertilizers both at the beginning of spring and at the beginning of autumn.

3. Ornamental cabbage, a colorful garden touch

A colorful and original point in any garden. Include it among your plants

Despite its appearance, it is not one of the garden plants that we can enjoy on the plate. As its name suggests, this cabbage is purely decorative. Something that can be assumed by its color, which ranges between lilac, pink and purple. Whether we decide to plant them in groups or interspersed with green plants or heather, the truth is that the result is a spectacle.

Far from being afraid of winter, ornamental cabbage needs cold in order to properly develop its characteristic color. And, although it can be planted in the shade, it does not have any development problems if it is fully exposed to the sun. It needs a nutrient-rich organic substrate for its growth, and moist soil with good drainage.

4. Laurustinus, one of the most rustic cold-resistant perennial plants

A shrub that flowers between February and March. Include it in your garden

One of the cold hardy perennials but also one of the ideal January planting shrubs. What’s more: it is a great choice since, precisely, it blooms between the months of February and March. A wonderful floral preview of the arrival of spring. As if this were not enough argument, there is another one to have him in our garden. Its name is not accidental: we are talking about an extraordinarily hard plant.

We can plant it both in the sun and in the shade, and it is not demanding when it comes to the characteristics of the soil. Yes, you have to be careful with both drainage and irrigation. He is not a lover of puddles.

5. Ivy, the eternal plant

A perfect groundcover plant, ideal for any wall. Learn more about your care

We are not just talking about one of the cold-resistant perennial plants. We are talking about one that is practically resistant to almost anything. Climber, fast growing and highly adaptable to any environment. A quick and simple summary to understand that ivy is one of those plants that take care of themselves.

To ensure good growth, the ideal is to plant it in a location with good light but without direct sun. We will also have to provide a soil with a neutral or slightly acidic pH. Watering does not have to be a concern either: once a week will suffice during the winter, and once every two or three days in the hot months.

6. Lavender, one of the reference aromatic plants

A wonderful plant that will resist the cold of winter. get it here

Despite appearances, lavender is one of the best cold hardy perennials. And not only that: it is a beautiful decorative plant for those who also seek to have a unique aroma in the garden. Interestingly, we are talking about a plant of Mediterranean origins. Some unique roots if we take into account that it supports up to 15 degrees below zero.

Lavender care is simple. It is not only a rustic plant, it is also a wild shrub. In order to grow it, we will have to provide it with a soil with a high pH. It needs a place where it receives direct sun, and an aerated and well-drained soil.

7. Rhododendron, another cold-resistant perennial that blooms in winter

A wonderful shrub ideal for shady areas. Enjoy your bloom

It is considered the second star plant in the garden, after the rosebushes. Of course: if we want it to survive any frost, we have to consider two precautions. On the one hand, acclimatize it conveniently. Or, what is the same, do not plant it directly in the ground if it is winter. On the other hand, if we live in a climate of severe frost, we will have to protect its roots with a thermal garden blanket.

To enjoy this incredible acid plant, the ideal is to plant it in a sheltered and bright place. It does not tolerate direct sunlight, as it could burn its leaves. It is essential that it has good drainage, and with a substrate that is always slightly moist.

A selection of cold-resistant perennial plants ideal for adding color and life to any winter garden.

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