7 easy-care indoor hanging plants

Indoor hanging plants are true allies of the decoration of any room. Not only do they allow us to take advantage of spaces that we could not use otherwise, but they are also ideal for putting a natural note on furniture, shelves or, simply, on tables. In addition to embellishing, they have another incredible virtue: they allow us to put the focus of attention, if we wish, on a certain point. And it is that, beyond the plant singularities of each one of them, their characteristic hanging bearing is a wonderful resource for interior design.

If we consider how to decorate the house with plants, it is essential to break a scheme implanted in popular culture. Normally, we associate the presence of plants with halls, halls and living rooms. Some rooms that, although they are the most common, are not the only ones in which indoor hanging plants can show off. They can be perfect if we are looking for indoor plants to have in the bathroom, as part of the decoration of our kitchen… or in the bedrooms! Because that is another myth: no, plants do not “steal our air”. What’s more: having them in this type of space can even be beneficial.

For all these reasons, let’s see a proposal for indoor hanging plants that, beyond their beauty, have another virtue: they do not demand much. A detail to consider if taking care of plants has not been our strong point until now and we have the title of “official plant killer”; but, also, if we have little time for them.


The fascination with hanging plants is a maxim of almost any plant lover. And not only when it comes to indoor hanging plants: enjoying them outside the home is also essential in the design of a terrace, a balcony or a garden. What’s more: this type of plants is ideal if we have little space and do not want to give up nature. If you want to combine indoor hanging plants with other outdoor ones, discover in a few minutes five ideal ones to have outside the home.

But let’s go back to the interior, because there is one more detail that will make us fall completely in love with these plants of different size. Something little known about indoor hanging plants is that many of them are also purifying plants that will clean your home. Its presence will not only decorate: it will also allow us to breathe cleaner and healthier air. An aspect that even reinforces the idea of ​​placing them in spaces intended for sleeping.

Knowing all its advantages, it is time to see a selection of indoor hanging plants that are easy to care for.

1. Potho, a must among indoor hanging plants

Due to the simplicity of its cultivation and growth, it is one of the preferred indoor hanging plants. get it here

It is one of the indoor hanging plants par excellence, and we could well say that there are plenty of reasons for it to be so. Not only is it one of those easy-care plants that make life a little difficult for us. Added to this, its adaptability is such that it can even grow in spaces with less light than it would like to have.

The care of the Potho does not entail a great difficulty. It is a plant that tolerates relatively well the lack of water and the dryness of the interior environment, although it is advisable to spray its leaves to promote its green color. A note: if we share our house with dogs or cats, it is better to avoid it. It is toxic to them.

2. Ribbons, another highly resistant classic

Another classic as simple as it is striking. Get to know your care

One of the most complete easy-to-care indoor plants that exist, and the reason why it is one of the usual ones. The Cintas, also called spider plants, have it all: they withstand drought very well, they are not demanding with lighting and they tolerate dry environments typical of interiors.

As if all this were not enough, it has two more attractions. On the one hand, we are talking about a super generous plant that constantly generates new shoots with which it thickens its foliage. On the other hand, we can be calm with it: it is one of the non-toxic plants for cats and dogs.

3. Tradescantia, beauty made plant

One of the most beautiful indoor hanging plants out there. Get it in our Verdecora online store

There is no doubt: it is a plant to look at without getting tired. The unique design of its leaves, with purple colors, make it an ideal decorative plant for any space. And while it can be grown outdoors in warm climates, Tradescantia or «man’s love» is much more comfortable indoors. And be careful with this if you have pets: it is toxic to our animals.

Regardless of the temperature, which is something that we must closely monitor, the care of the Tradescantia makes it very easy to enjoy it. It requires moderate watering, regular fertilization in spring months and abundant lighting to live with well-being. In case you do not have the amount of light you need, you will let us know: your leaves will lose their characteristic color intensity.

4. Monstera, the most surprising of this list of indoor hanging plants

Find the variety of Monstera you are looking for in our Green Plants section

When we think of a Monstera or Adam’s Rib, we tend to automatically think of a climbing plant. And yes: it is. However, what is not so well known is that we can also enjoy it hanging. Something that both Monstera deliciosa and Monstera Adansonii lend themselves to and that only has one secret: choose a young specimen and not place tutors on which it can grow.

As with the previous ones, we are talking about an extremely simple plant to grow. Monstera care is affordable for any level of gardening, which is why it is one of the most popular green plants in homes, offices and even shops. Yes, it is toxic to animals.

5. Peperomia, a small plant with a great decorative impact

One of the indoor hanging plants that take up little space. buy it here

It is the perfect plant for those looking for a note of nature of reduced dimensions. Despite its size, the attractiveness of Peperomia leaves speaks for itself: fleshy, variegated or variegated depending on the variety; and extremely generous. But it is not the only reason to have it as part of our indoor hanging plants: in addition, and although it is little known, it also blooms.

Enjoying any Peperomia fully requires meeting its few demands. It needs a bright space, regular watering in summer and occasional watering in winter; and paid every 15 days diluted in the irrigation in the spring months. And yes: if we have animals, it will not pose a threat.

6. Fern, one of the hanging plants for interiors that should be thoroughly known

One of the ideal indoor hanging plants for the bathroom or kitchen. find it here

And so much! Although it is one of the resistant houseplants, it is essential to know some important characteristics for its well-being. Due to their origins, ferns are plants that demand a good degree of environmental humidity. And it is not something negotiable: without it, they can get sick until they die. A good reason for them to be a common plant in bathrooms and kitchens.

It is not the only myth about them that we must break: in addition to needing light, the vast majority of them are not toxic to animals. Since it is a huge plant family, check the variety of yours just in case.

7. Hanging Senecio, an extremely beautiful succulent

A wonderful easy to grow succulent. Discover all your care here

Another of the most beautiful indoor hanging plants that exist, and essential for lovers of succulents and succulents. Its leaves, cylindrical or round depending on the variety, are arranged on its elongated stems. And, although it is a very large family, all Senecios share one characteristic: they are extremely easy to care for plants.

Their demands are simple to meet. Beyond placing it in well-lit and warm spaces, we will only have to worry about controlling the irrigation. As a good succulent, it does not support waterlogging, so it is better to err on the side of fault than excess. And, if we want to encourage their growth, there is nothing like applying fertilizer for cacti and succulents once a month from the beginning of spring to the end of summer.

Seven indoor hanging plants with seven different personalities but with something in common: the ease of their care. The only really complicated thing is to choose alone! one of them.

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