7 easy-care outdoor plants for the garden

Many garden lovers are looking for easy-care outdoor plants. A choice that does not respond solely to a lack of time or not having much success in growing plants. Another great reason to opt for this type of plants is to make a sustainable garden. A trend that prevails. But it does not do it, only, to optimize the irrigation water. Beyond this detail, choosing this type of green environment favors the natural balance around us. Two good reasons to consider it firmly.

Beyond this, there is another important reason to opt for low maintenance plants. And it is that, as much as we are passionate about the world of gardening, it is worth choosing all- terrain outdoor plants that make our lives easier. Some that will allow us to enjoy our exterior, be it a garden or terrace, without too many complications.

Whatever the reason, let’s see a small proposal of low maintenance plants. Some that will give us their beauty at different times of the year, and will demand very little of us.


The spectrum of easy-care outdoor plants is vast. The world of plants puts at our disposal from shrubs to bulbs, through perennial plants but also perennials. A versatility that gives us an idea of ​​how far it is possible to have the garden or terrace we dream of without too much complication.

Despite this wide range of options, we offer you a selection of seven. Seven extremely different plants, perfect for discovering to what extent it is interesting to have them in our environment.

1. Clematis, a beautiful option for the garden or terrace

A wonderful climber that will require little to flower. Get it here in our online store

A must on our list of easy-care outdoor plants. Not only does it require little care to grow, creating a true natural tapestry. It is also one of those plants that blooms constantly and generously. And it has one more attraction: the perfumed nature of its flowers, which bears many similarities to jasmine. Three reasons that make it one of the most common plants in gardens and terraces.

In addition to its spectacular nature, clematis care is simple. It not only resists low temperatures. In addition, it is a plant that can be grown in semi-shade and can even be grown in a pot. It only has two requirements: it needs constant moisture in the substrate and good drainage. Its roots are not at all friends of excess water.

2. Yucca, one of the ideal low-maintenance plants to add an exotic touch

An ideal option to add a tropical touch to any exterior. Learn more about her

It is not usually a plant that we have on our radar. Something curious since its presence is common in parks and gardens. Despite its tropical origins, the truth is that yucca is a plant that perfectly resists our latitudes. Its uniqueness does not lie solely in its spectacular growth. In addition and with proper care, it gives us its beautiful white and scented bloom.

Enjoying its charms, both in the ground and in a pot, is extremely easy. It just needs a place with a lot of sun and little watering. And no, the cold is not a great enemy: it supports up to five degrees below zero.

3. Aster, a beautiful alpine plant that demands little

One of the perfect low maintenance plants for gardens with hints of the wild. Include it among your outdoor plants

Everything that is simple is beautiful. The Aster flower is, without a doubt, the greatest attraction of this plant. A flowering that appears from the end of summer until well into autumn, and abundantly. It is not a plant that reaches great heights, but it does tend to grow bushy. A trend that makes it the perfect candidate if we consider how to make a flower bed in the garden.

Due to its alpine origins, the Aster needs to be grown in partial shade in hot climates. We can only expose it to full sun if we live in a cooler climate. Beyond liquid fertilizer for flowering plants from spring, it will only require one other aspect: regular watering, especially in summer. And no: we won’t have to worry about the cold. It perfectly supports frost.

4. Peony, an undemanding bulbous gem

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In our list of easy-care outdoor plants, she could not be missing: the peony. One of the most beautiful bulb plants that exist, and that have a good number of lovers in the world of gardening. The striking of its flowers, extremely profuse in petals, is not its only attraction. Added to that, it demands virtually nothing to flower year after year from spring to early summer.

And we say this because it will only require one fundamental care: regular watering.

5. Callistemon, one of the most chosen shrubs among easy-care outdoor plants

A colorful and striking option perfect for any exterior. Learn more about him here

One of those low-maintenance plants that no gardener can resist. It is not only a very resistant bush. In addition, it usually reaches a maximum size of two meters that becomes even more spectacular when the flowering season arrives. Something that usually happens in April, May and September. And yes: its unique flower is its greatest attraction. Just by looking at it we get an idea of ​​why this bush is popularly called a pipe cleaner.

Enjoying its flowering only happens by finding a location with good sun and rationing irrigation.

6. Durillo, a shrub that lives up to its name

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Seeing what it is called, it is not surprising that it is part of the list of easy-care outdoor plants. The durillo is one of the most resistant perennial plants that exist. And as if this aspect were not interesting, it also needs little care to flower between February and March.

The demands of durillo are practically non-existent. It supports up to 15 degrees below zero and only needs to be in a sunny location. Of course: be careful with irrigation. Just be moderate.

7. Ivy, one of the easy-care outdoor plants to keep a close eye on

A perfect option for lovers of climbing plants. Learn more about your care here

We close the proposal of low maintenance plants with a true classic. A climbing plant that demands nothing, but needs to be watched closely. And it is that its incredible growth borders on the invasive and, on occasion, can compromise what it clings to to grow.

The positive part is that we will see it grow even in the most adverse conditions. It survives temperatures of even 20 degrees below zero, requires little watering and does not even need fertilizer to develop happily.

Seven easy-care outdoor plants with seven very different personalities. Seven bets to enjoy without too much work in the garden or on the terrace!

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