7 easy plants to grow. garden plants for beginners

Good farmers! Today I am going to talk to you about 7 garden plants for beginners, easy-to-grow plants perfect for those who want to start growing plants and do not know which ones are the most suitable for an urban garden or flowerpot.

The main characteristics of these easy-to-grow plants are:

  • High resistance to pests and diseases
  • That require low maintenance, to acquire a work routine.
  • If possible they need little space to develop.
  • May they have a rapid development to be able to collect soon.

Below I will tell you in detail the specific characteristics of these easy-to-grow plants in the garden.


It is a crop that can be installed at any time of the year and is very fast growing.

It needs few hours of sunlight, so it can develop quite well in shady places, as long as the substrate is kept moist and has good drainage. In addition, it does not need excessively large pots, as long as they have a minimum depth of about 15 cm is enough. In the article on how to grow lettuce in the organic garden you can see more details about lettuce, one of the easy vegetables to grow in the garden.


The sowing time is spring and autumn, they take about 3 months to produce, it depends on the cold, if it is a long time ago it will take a little longer. The only care it requires is that the soil or substrate is moist and very rich in nutrients.

It is also ideal for planting in a pot, leaving a separation of about 12 cm and the depth has to be around 25 cm. It should be collected when the leaves have fallen. This plant is perfect for a beginner garden or for school gardens.


It can be sown at any time of the year, although it is not recommended in the fall. For their development it is preferable to leave them in the sun daily, in general they need little irrigation during their cycle, but it should be increased during the bulb formation phase.


It is a crop that does not present problems when sown directly in the ground, it should be planted from the beginning of spring until mid-autumn. Its development is rapid or short-cycle, since it takes approximately 7 weeks from sowing until it is harvested. It is not demanding in terms of sun exposure, it would need about 5 hours a day, but they tolerate shady places quite well. As for irrigation, it is not necessary to water daily while the soil is moist, this last condition would be the most restrictive, since otherwise the radish will not develop well.


This is one of the most “grateful” crops, and by this I mean that it is not very demanding in terms of care. It develops in almost any type of soil as long as it is rich in nutrients and is not waterlogged, so it is preferable that it has good drainage. It is sown in spring and fall and takes 7-9 weeks to grow large enough to harvest. It does not need a lot of light in general, with a few hours of sun it can give production. It is a fairly resistant plant to pests and diseases and adapts to growing in pots.


Like any other horticultural plant, each one has specific characteristics and needs, but what they all have in common is that they are herbaceous and therefore take up little space, making them perfect for growing in pots.

The aromatic ones are very productive, they do not usually attract too many pests or diseases and the vast majority develop very well both indoors and outdoors.

One of the keys for this type of plants is that they need hours of light, even indoors, with the light that enters through the window during the day is sufficient. This article explains in more detail how to grow aromatic plants.

Parsley and dill crops


It can be grown at almost any time of the year, in two or three months they can be harvested. The only point that must be taken into account before sowing is that for the seeds to germinate they must be kept in a humid environment and many will not germinate, so it is important to germinate a large number. The land where they are grown must always be kept moist, it must be rich in nutrients and with a depth of at least 30 cm if planted in a pot. It is convenient to leave them in the sun as long as possible throughout the day.

You already know Agrohuerters, if you want to start with easy-to-grow plants, these are the most recommended, especially for children or young people who want to start in this world of orchards. These have been our tips for creating a garden for beginners with some easy-to-grow plants.

Using the «Search» (top right) you can find the posts that talk about each and every one of the easy crops that we have seen today. In each article about these plants you will find details about the needs of irrigation, care, pests, etc.

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