7 flowering summer plants for any space

The arrival of good weather goes hand in hand with filling everything with life. An authentic emotional need with which we seek, above all, to enjoy what this time of year entails. For this, flowering summer plants are true allies. A simple and colorful way to add color and joy to as many spaces as we can think of. And it is precisely in this season when nature displays all its charms. Something logical if we take into account that the hours of sunshine are increasing and that it is, precisely, the main driving force behind the flowering of many of these summer plants.

Flowering summer plants not only fulfill the premise of being beautiful and cheerful. In addition, it is essential that they have one more quality: being summer plants resistant to the sun. And this demand is normal. Summer is a time of harsh temperatures. And, in addition to this, our cultivation spaces are usually precisely designed to take full advantage of Lorenzo’s natural heat. For this reason, our selection today not only seeks to give you ideas of summer plants with flowers. In addition, all of them are sun lovers so they will not suffer from their exposure.

Let’s see, then, some ideas of summer plants with flowers. And, what is more important, some brushstrokes to know how to take care of them. The only way to fully enjoy them and lengthen their blooms.


It is clear that the range of flowering summer plants is immense. So much so that it is frankly difficult to choose just one. So, far from proposing having to choose, our selection can even coexist. A way of not having to be in the position of choosing one, giving up the beauty of others.

Because that, its beauty, is precisely another maxim of summer flowering plants.

1. Petunias and surfinias, a classic of summer flowering plants

One of the most popular summer flowering plants. Get this pendant surfinia here

Two of the essential flowering summer plants! And we put them in the same bag because there are more similarities than differences. Let’s point out: its cultivation is the same but not its appearance. Because the main difference in this topic is the layout of the plant. While the petunia tends to grow vertically, the surfinia is hanging. And one last difference: surfinia demands good-sized pots since, with the necessary care, it grows at a good pace. Something to anticipate when planting.

These two flowering summer plants need:

  • A good dose of sun to be able to flower in conditions.
  • A substrate for flowering plants. The best possible soil for them to grow happily.
  • Water and more water! The care of the surfinia and the petunia goes through giving them an abundant and constant watering. A task that, in an essential way, must go hand in hand with good drainage.
  • To promote its flowering, nothing like a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.

2. Clavelina, a perfect option to add a note of color

A plant with few needs and a precious presence. Find out more about her here

Simple, beautiful and rustic!A true trio of aces that make the carnation one of those irresistible flowering summer plants. Its flowering, small in size, is without a doubt a real gift. And not just because it stands out against the intense green of its leaves. Also because, if we are rigorous with the little care it requires, its flowering is constant from the end of spring to the beginning of autumn.

To successfully grow and flowers! this flowering summer plant is important:

  • Give it as much sun as possible, even on the hottest summer day. no problem with heat
  • To avoid dehydration, it is important to water abundantly and daily in the hottest months.
  • Demand effective and efficient drainage. Although he is a water lover, puddles do not suit him at all
  • To promote its flowering, you have to be careful to remove dead flowers. It is also advisable to apply a flowering fertilizer

3. Guinean joy, a tropical and elegant touch

A medium-sized plant ideal for adding color and happiness. Shop online at our Verdecora store

Have you ever cultivated a joy? Then this exotic cousin will not be complicated at all! Both joy care and New Guinea joy care are extremely simple. So much so that even someone new to the world of plants can enjoy them without too much complication. It is enough to know its few requirements and, yes, comply with them rigorously.

To enjoy the blooming of these summer flowering plants:

  • An extremely bright place, and sheltered from direct sun. It does not suit its flowers or its leaves
  • It demands a pattern of abundant and regular irrigation. Of course: taking great care to avoid any waterlogging. Its roots are not friends with excess water, so you have to ensure good drainage.
  • On very hot days, it is important to offer good environmental humidity. Rather than spraying its leaves, the ideal is to place a plate under the pot with water. Of course: separating the plant from the water using stones
  • In the summer months, which are the flower months, you will appreciate a flowering fertilizer

4. Bougainvillea, pure beauty

One of the summer flowering plants ideal for covering walls, lattices or balconies. Learn more about her here

It is one of the perfect Mediterranean plants for your home. And not just because it is incredibly beautiful. Also because, as a good pertaining to climbing plants, it can transform a wall, terrace or trellis into a tapestry of nature. And no: they are not delicate or complicated to grow. It is enough to comply with the care of the bougainvillea to enjoy its display of color in the sunny months.

To enjoy this beautiful plant, it will suffice to:

  • Place it in a place where it receives as much sun as possible
  • The ground is not a concern. Due to its origins, it is able to live even in impoverished land
  • For this same reason, it does not have a great demand for irrigation. One weekly is enough. And yes: it is essential that it has good drainage. Its roots do not tolerate waterlogging
  • Does not tolerate subscribers too well. If we want to encourage its flowering, use a fertilizer for shrubs with drops

5. Hibiscus, the plant that decorates

One of the most decorative flowering summer plants. get it here

It is that typical bloom that reminds us of tropical beaches. Although it has long been a great unknown, the hibiscus has been gaining presence among ornamental plants. And it is perfectly logical. It is not only extremely beautiful, with its characteristic large flowers and intense color. It is also not complicated to grow.

To be able to enjoy its flowering:

  • We must place it in a place where it receives a good dose of daily sun.
  • We have to be rigorous with irrigation. It is important to maintain good humidity in the substrate, avoiding puddles. If we have it in a dry environment, we must give it environmental humidity using the technique of the plate under the pot with water
  • To promote its flowering, the ideal is to apply a regular dose of granulated fertilizer from spring

6. Lavender, one of the most sun-resistant summer flowering plants

One of the scents of summer! Learn more about her

A wonderful plant that is, for many people, the scent of summer! Lavender is one of the self-perpetuating summer flowering plants. As a wild bush that it is, its character is rustic so its cultivation is extremely simple. So much so that it can well be said that it practically takes care of itself.

Lavender care is simple. But, in short, to grow it successfully we will have to:

  • Place it in a place where it receives at least six hours of sun a day
  • Provide good drainage. It is a plant accustomed to drought, so its roots do not get along well with flooding
  • Water moderately, always avoiding wetting its leaves and flowers

7. Daisies, an ideal wild touch

One of the simplest and most spectacular flowering summer plants at the same time. have yours

A classic among classics. One of those plants that, in nature, warn us of the arrival of good weather. Extremely unassuming, the daisy is a plant that captivates despite its humble beauty. And, as if this were not enough reason to enjoy it, its cultivation is more than acceptable. How to give it up among our flowering summer plants?

To see this plant flourish without stopping, it is important that we give it the care it needs:

  • Plantation in full sun or semi-shade if we live in a very hot climate in summer
  • Water abundantly and regularly in the summer months, always avoiding flooding
  • Fertilize in the flowering months with a universal liquid fertilizer or a specific one for flowering plants.
  • To promote flowering, remove faded flowers

And with these seven proposals for flowering summer plants, confess: can you choose just one?

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