7 Heat Resistant Outdoor Plants

With the arrival of good weather, having heat-resistant outdoor plants is essential. Choosing them will not only allow us to enjoy the sunny season with some peace of mind. Added, opting for them is a fantastic way of knowing that, even if we are away from home for a few days, they will be fine. Because that is, curiously, another of the virtues of heat-resistant outdoor plants: a good part of them do not need much watering.

Since both spring and summer are the two star moments of our outdoors, knowing in depth the outdoor plants that best perform in an extreme climate is essential. And we say extreme because, for our plants, the rigors of summer are extreme in much of our country. In the same way that frosts are deadly for a good number of plants, high temperatures can have the same effect on them. A good reason to observe our climate, and choose our plants based on it.

So let’s see seven proposals capable of withstanding even the hottest summer. And what’s even better: some of them are also on our list of cold hardy plants for the garden.


When we talk about heat-resistant outdoor plants, we tend to think that these are extraordinary plants. Nothing is further from reality: in reality, these survivors of high temperatures are part of gardens and terraces without us really knowing that they have this incredible power. And it is that a good part of them are rustic plants and completely acclimatized to our meteorology. What’s more: if we consider how to make a Mediterranean garden, we will discover that many of those plants with «super powers against heat» are part of this outdoor style.

It is not the only thing that attracts powerful attention. Although we might believe that these types of plants are less attractive, the truth is that nothing is further from the truth. A good number of heat-resistant outdoor plants have, precisely, extremely striking blooms but also perfumes that we could consider the aroma of summer.

With this in mind, let’s look at seven heat-resistant outdoor plant ideas. Seven proposals that compete in beauty and that, in addition to not being affected by high temperatures, do not require great care. Can you ask for more?

1. The bougainvillea, the climber with which it is impossible not to fall in love

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It is not only one of the climbers par excellence for the beauty of its flowering. Added, the bougainvillea is one of those plants that make it extremely easy for us. Bougainvillea care is ideal for those who want to have a plant that requires almost nothing to look in perfect condition.

Rustic and undemanding when it comes to watering, this incredible plant also has a spectacular level of resistance to heat. Let us remember that its origins are Mediterranean: a detail that gives us a good clue about its needs.

2. The Clavelina, one of the most popular heat-resistant outdoor plants

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Another essential if we have very hot summers. Let no one be fooled by its apparent humility: despite the fact that the Clavelina is a small plant, it is extremely generous with its flowering. One that we can enjoy from before the beginning of spring until even well into autumn.

When it comes to your care, we can not worry. It is a plant that, although on days of high temperatures it demands regular watering, it practically takes care of itself. Of course: if we want to see it bloom properly, it is essential that it receives a good dose of daily light.

3. Geranium, a summer classic

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One of those plants that have it all. It is not only perfect if we are looking for outdoor plants for terraces that fill the space with light and life. In addition, the care of the geranium in any of its varieties is affordable even for those who are new to the world of gardening. And yes: with very little, we can enjoy its incredible flowering.

The fact that it is one of the characteristic plants of places like Andalusia gives us a clue as to how resistant it is to high temperatures. And no: that it is hot does not mean that we have to water them more than necessary. What’s more: when we find ourselves before the yellow leaves of the geranium, one of the reasons for this change in color may be that we have gone overboard with the irrigation.

4. Lavender, an aromatic that is not afraid of heat

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Another one of those perfect plants that is impossible to give up and that, added, is perfect for hot summers. Not only does it have a simple beauty: added, its perfume is one of those aromas that mark the months of good weather.

Beyond the fact that Lavender care is extremely simple, there is another detail that makes it our best friend during the summer. It is one of the drought-resistant plants par excellence, so even if we go on vacation, we will not have to worry too much about its well-being.

5. El Rosal, another essential for any exterior

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Who doesn’t want to enjoy the so-called «Queen of the garden» in their home? Rose bushes are, without a doubt, one of the quintessential plants for gardening lovers. The incredible range of varieties and colors they offer makes it practically impossible not to find the right one for our exterior. And seeing it flourish is one of those simple pleasures that good weather gives us.

And, although we are talking about an undemanding plant, be careful not to relax. It is essential to know the care of the rosebush in summer since these are specific to the hot months. And among them, a lot of attention to pests and fungi: the main enemies of this wonderful rustic plant that supports both low and high temperatures.

6. Hibiscus, a perfect touch of exoticism that loves heat

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Pure beauty! Colourful, generous and very attractive: this is the Hibiscus, an ideal plant to put a tropical or Mediterranean touch either in a garden or on a terrace or balcony. But beyond its flowering season, which coincides with good weather; We are talking about a plant that maintains its characteristic green foliage throughout the year. Something that we appreciate, especially in the cold months.

Seeing in detail the care of the hibiscus, we will discover that it welcomes high temperatures. It does not get along with the cold so we will have to cover it in the winter months or opt for one of the varieties that do tolerate low temperatures and even frost.

7. Clematis, another lovely climber to consider

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Although it is not one of the most popular climbers, it is one of the most beautiful. In fact, for many garden lovers it is the queen of this category both for its beauty and for the simplicity of its care. Exuberant and generous in its flowering, it is ideal to cover any surface with nature.

Although it is one of the heat resistant outdoor plants, something must be taken into account. And it’s not a minor detail. To ensure its well-being and growth, Clematis always requires slightly moist soil. A detail of its care that we should not overlook, since it does not tolerate the lack of water very well.

And although the list of heat-resistant outdoor plants is much broader, there is no doubt that with this selection you will be able to enjoy yourself a lot! of your garden or terrace.

Do you dare to do it, filling them with life?

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