7 Most Famous Types and Varieties of Carrots

Carrots are one of the most consumed vegetables in the world due to their ease of use, nutritional value and rich flavor.

Its varieties make up a large family by natural order, plus those that have been annexed due to the creation of hybrids.

Growing them in home gardens has become much more common in Spanish homes and that is why knowing all the details is so necessary.

Are you interested in knowing more about this topic and everything that you will be able to incorporate into your diet just from this vegetable? Go ahead because here we go.

Nantes carrots

It is one of the most popular carrots on the market . It comes in a cylindrical shape, with ends that lengthen to give it a straight appearance.

At the texture level, it is smooth and that makes it a very positive element to advance with planting in home gardens.

It is also important to mention that it is very adaptable to soil conditions , which allows a greater number of harvests to be obtained.In terms of care, it is not very demanding. Its fresh consumption is highly valued because it has a delicious pulp in flavor, without fibers and easy to handle.

Imperator carrots

It is the second most consumed variety of carrots because its production is carried out in large numbers at the level of specialized agriculture.

The reason is that it is a carrot that contains a high level of sugar inside , so it could become an element of interest for many pests.

At the structural level, imperator carrots are thin and long, sometimes finding that the final part of it is of a very small diameter.Its growth cycle tends to be a bit longer than other types of carrots, but it does produce a good crop.

danver carrots

Danver carrots are part of the variety that could be considered the most eye- catching because their color is quite pronounced .

This does not leave aside the flavor, since it is one of the richest that can be had in this whole family.

Its structure tends to be medium to long in length and it has the property of maintaining a wide neck that gradually narrows until it ends in a thin point.Just like the Nantes carrots, they are easy to maintain and sowing according to their main requirements could give a very large harvest in return.

It is an ideal species to plant in home gardens.

miniature carrots

Also known as baby carrots.

It is a variety treated on purpose so that they produce a crop with carrots very reduced in size.

They are widely used in kitchens and are an ideal option for planting at home when there is not enough space for a large crop.

The reason for this is that they do not require much depth , so instead of having them planted directly in the ground, they can be in containers.There is also the possibility that normal crops of other types of carrots will be harvested before their time, thus obtaining much smaller specimens.

Carrots Chantenay

They are medium-length carrots that grow very well in all kinds of conditions, even very poor soils.

Its flesh is colorful and has a nice sweet flavor, so it tends to be quite palatable.

To achieve this effect, it is necessary to pay close attention to the harvest times, since a delay in it could lead to a decrease in sugar.For home gardens it works great and its seeds can be found at any agricultural store.

Flakee Carrots

It is one of the species that best responds to processing to sell industrial products containing carrots.However, this does not detract from the fact that its consumption in its fresh state is also very worthwhile.

Of course, to have them inside the house it is necessary to have deep soil, as they tend to develop large roots.But in terms of care and demands, it does not present major inconveniences.

red carrot

Orange carrots are the most common to see in the market and to consume, but there is also the red variety that can reach a purple hue.

Its internal structure is fiber-free and has a very sweet taste , since it contains a higher level of sugar than the aforementioned versions.

This is a carrot consumed, above all, in Eastern countries, so its harvest in Spain is quite limited.Still, it is worth knowing that it contains many benefits for the body.

This is because it is good for eyesight, reduces the risk of heart disease and even improves the condition of the skin.A diet rich in vegetables is the most beneficial for our body and carrots are part of those varieties that should be included.

If you want to go deeper, you can see: How to plant carrots.

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