7 Most Famous Types and Varieties of Peppers

Both to incorporate into cooked dishes, as raw, the pepper has become one of the essential vegetables in the diet of all kinds of people.

Its crunchy texture on the outside and hollow on the inside, plus the exquisite flavor it reaches, in sweet or spicy tones, have achieved high preference.

There is a wide variety of peppers and they have the property of requiring very little care to give a large harvest.In addition, home gardens are perfect to have because their root system is not very complex. Do you want to know more about them? ahead.

california pepper

It is one of the best known versions because it is generated with a short but very wide structure, with rounded edges.

The base of the pepper ends in 4 defined hulls that allow it to be placed upright on a flat surface. It is one of the best sellers in the markets.

In this version you can handle the different colors, such as yellow, green or red.It is hollow on the inside, but its meat tends to be quite thick.

For this reason, it is an ideal pepper for special preparations, such as stuffed peppers.It is also useful for all kinds of meals, from raw consumption in salads, to cooking that includes stir-fries or stews.

Bell pepper

It is the best known pepper, even in some places the pepper is simply known as bell pepper.

The popularity is due to the fact that it is a very easy species to harvest, from every point of view, allowing you to enjoy fresh peppers at home.

On the other hand, they can be kept in any space, no matter how small, as they accept planting even in pots.They are sweet in flavor and round in texture , but in general they are very similar to California peppers.


It is a special condition pepper that stands out in the culinary world for its spicy and penetrating flavor.Its size is quite small and its build is slim. It comes in a strong red color.

Chilli preparations are very popular, especially in Mexican cuisine, but this taste has spread to many families around the world.

It is a very easy to use pepper, whose consumption can be done raw, cooked and even in dry versions to keep it longer.As you can imagine, you can also have it in your own garden, waiting for a good harvest since they tend to be very abundant.

italian pepper

It is a version very similar in texture to the chili pepper, but the flavor is sweet and that has made it ideal for preparing all kinds of dishes.

It is a green pepper, with a very bright structure and a pointed culmination that makes it very striking to the eye.

In general, its skin is thin, so it is easy to cut and the flavor is very similar to bell pepper, but with a slightly softer hue.

Piquillo peppers

This is another of the versions that is ideal to prepare in the oven or on the grill because it has a very thick and hard skin structure.This property is ideal to support any type of filling and innovate in the preparations planned for the day.

It is medium in size and its shape is rather triangular (wide at the tip and thin at the base).In some regions, the piquillo pepper is usually prepared in preserves to maintain its properties over time.Through this action it will be possible to enjoy its flavor in times that are not planting.

padron pepper

It is a version of a small pepper, with fairly fine flesh and a very sweet flavor , which is why they are pleasing to all types of palates.

Its harvest is abundant and it can be kept in appropriate planting conditions in any home garden, even in pots.

They have the property of being collected when they have not yet matured, which is why they appear in an attractive and pronounced green colour.The possibilities for use in the kitchen are endless, they can even be prepared as a quick side dish just by roasting them.

romesco pepper

It is perhaps one of the most consumed versions in certain communities in Spain because they are useful for working with very specific preparations, such as sauces.The romesco pepper is the only one of all this count that is consumed in a dry version , thus facilitating its flavor to be further strengthened.

It is presented in a dark red color close to brown and an elongated texture, although they do not tend to be very large.The easiest way to obtain them is by making a direct purchase in the markets.

One of the most relevant conditions that the world of peppers has is that new plants can be obtained from the seeds contained within them.The reality is that they have a fairly fast germination and that is why it is an ideal plant to start in the world of agriculture.

If you want to go deeper, you can see: How to plant peppers.

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