7 spring-blooming bulbs to plant now

Though we may think it’s early to think about it, fall is the time to plant spring-blooming bulbs. A perfect time to prepare what the end of the winter to come will be like. And it is that, although the seasons of sun are the queens of the flowers, we will not stop repeating it. It is possible to enjoy nature for twelve months, both at home and in the garden. An ideal and natural way to add warmth and life to any time of the year. Achieving it is as simple as knowing how to have flowers all year round in the garden, terrace or balcony.

Although it seems that the good weather is far away, it is time to think about the bulbs that bloom in spring. A unique opportunity to fill our surroundings with flowers even if the cold is still with us. With another important plus: bulb plants are low maintenance plants. They will not need much on our part to flourish and brighten our lives. You can not ask for more!

So let’s take advantage of autumn to prepare our garden or terrace. And, for this, nothing like opting for bulbs that bloom in spring. The first obvious sign that the cold has come to an end.


Far from being a few, the number of bulbs that bloom in spring is vast. What’s more: some of them even do it in the middle of February. A month of transition towards spring that, however, continues to retain its characteristic low temperatures. Not even the cold is a problem for a good number of autumn bulbs to bloom, even on snow.

It is not the only advantage of designing your garden with bulbs. In addition, the variety of colors, types of flowers and even flowering times make them a perfect option to see any space permanently full of life. It is enough to know the cycles of each of them and, more importantly, some tips for planting bulbs. A great way to layer different bulbs that bloom at different times, and constantly see flowers around us.

Of course: enjoying all that burst of color happens by planting the bulbs that bloom in spring in autumn. A key moment to guarantee that our bulbs will have time to take root and, above all, to bloom.

1. Muscaris, one of the first to bloom

One of the bulbs that comes early in spring, as it blooms in February. get it here

Let’s start with one of the first spring-blooming bulbs to be seen. In the shape of a bell, the muscaris flowers appear from February. It is important to know that, from each bulb, two flower stems usually come out. For this reason and if the idea we have is to have a good flower bed, we will have to plant generously.

Muscaris demands a planting location where it does not receive sun throughout the day. In addition, it requires irrigation every 15 days during the first two months of planting. Once in flower, the ideal is to water every four days and whenever the substrate is drying.

2. Crocus, one of the most beautiful spring-blooming bulbs

One of the most beautiful spring-blooming bulbs. Get to know it thoroughly

With a crocus-like bloom, the crocus is also one of the first spring-blooming bulbs to do so. Its flowers are of varied colors, and small in size. Perfect for pots but also for garden path areas.

Although we can extend its plantation until November, the ideal is to do it in September. In this way, they will have time to take root before the arrival of the cold and, incidentally, to flower when the low temperatures are still with us.

3. Iris germanica, the elegance of the flower

A beautiful flower to anticipate spring. Enjoy it in this color

It is the lily of choice for many garden lovers. Majestic and colourful, the Germanic iris flower rod grows to around half a meter. A very interesting height for pots, planters, path edges or to create flower beds combined with other spring-flowering bulbs of similar size, such as tulips.

Although it admits semi-shade, the ideal is to plant it in an area with good light. A key aspect to promote its flowering. Unlike other bulbs, it is super resistant to low temperatures so, even in harsh climates, it will be able to flourish.

4. Narcissus, the symbol of spring

One of the most popular spring flowering bulbs. Buy these bulbs online

In many areas of Spain, the daffodil is associated in a popular and festive way with the arrival of spring. In addition to its beauty, its flowers usually last 20 days. A detail that makes them one of the bulbs that bloom in spring preferred by garden lovers.

Whether we plant them in the garden or in a pot, we must avoid any waterlogging. It is important that they have good drainage and, also, that we include sand in the substrate mixture. It also blooms in shady conditions, and it is important to avoid direct sun.

5. Tulip, one of the most popular spring-blooming bulbs

A perfect flower to add color and life to the garden. Learn more about this variety

It is probably one of the most widely planted spring flowering bulbs. And it is logical: the tulip is colorful, super striking and resistant. What’s more: we won’t have to worry about the cold at all. Because, in the case of the tulip, not only is it not negative for its development: it needs it to grow properly.

Well-drained, nutrient-rich soil is essential for them to thrive.

6. Muguet, delicacy made flower

A delicate and beautiful bloom for any space. Get your bulbs here

Also called lily of the valleys or convallaria, it is a precious option to cover floors due to its creeping growth. An aspect that is not incompatible with planting it in pots, in which it also grows without any problem. And it is well worth doing: its flowers, in the shape of small bells, give off a very characteristic sweet aroma.

Due to its natural origins, it can be planted in undergrowth and shaded areas. In addition, it is demanding with irrigation. And, something that we cannot miss: it is a toxic plant, so it should be kept away from children and animals.

7. Anemone de Caén, long live the flower!

A simple and colorful flower to decorate your nature. Discover it thoroughly

Probably one of the longest blooming spring flowering bulbs. And it is that, although it begins to do it in March, it can do it continuously until the end of the summer. One more attraction to consider including it among our plants.

In order for them to develop properly, they require well-drained, humus-rich soil. Regarding the best location for its planting, the ideal is in a place where it receives a good dose of daily sun.

Which of these spring-blooming bulbs do you already have in your home?

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