[7] Varieties of Potatoes and their Characteristics

Who doesn’t like potatoes? They are actually one of the most used vegetables in the world because they are quite noble in the kitchen.

But not all potatoes are the same and today we will tell you a good classification of the varieties of potatoes that you may have already tried. Are you joining us?

Kennebec potato

It is one of the most consumed varieties because it has a pulp that softens quickly and becomes very creamy.

It can be found in crops in Galicia, from where it is distributed to other places in Spain.

To pamper the palate a lot, they can be baked, boiled and are an ideal complement to any stew.

Potato Spike

It is one of the varieties of potatoes with the most characteristic shape because it is longer than other versions.

Due to this condition, it is quite easy to handle and cooking is easy, which is why it is widely used in preparations such as salads.

sour potato

When we talk about sour potatoes we talk about French fries because it is precisely this variety that offers a better texture in this sense.

It is yellow inside and with a very soft consistency to the touch.

This is due to the good amount of starch that it has and that is key to that consistency when joining them with the hot oil.

Potato Vitelotte

The taste for cooking sometimes enters through the eyes and this is a variety of potatoes that focuses precisely on that.

The skin is black, but the interior is purple, which offers an ideal option for decorating dishes.

As it is very noble at the gastronomic level , it can be prepared fried, in salads and in any other way without generating any type of inconvenience.

red potato

Surely many times you have seen her in the supermarket with her purple skin, but inside they are white.

They have a soft and floury texture, which makes them ideal companions for cooking because they take a long time to break down.

It is also worth knowing that they keep very well in the fridge, so they are usually used in times of non-harvest.

Monalisa Potato

It is the potato that is most seen in stores and supermarkets, so it is also the most consumed.

Their texture is excellent and that makes them useful for all kinds of dishes, whether homemade or with a more gourmet level.

As at the harvest level they are very similar in terms of size, steam cooking is done almost the same without causing problems.

It has a brown common shell and the interior is yellow and its texture is moist but not soft.

potato agate

Although it is widely consumed in Spain, it is a variety of potato imported from France.

It has a smooth consistency and is easy to cook, making it useful for making stews and for steaming.

Due to this facility, it is widely used when completing dishes made from fish, since it goes very well in terms of flavor.

Whatever potato is chosen, the important thing is to validate that it behaves in the best possible way for the preparation to be carried out.

And with this information you can select them even with your eyes closed.

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