9 Types and Varieties of Apricots You Will Want to Try


Pinkish white fruit simulating transparency, oval, thick and flattened, large.

Highly appreciated in central Spain, although its low productions have removed it from the market due to its low commercial value.

Its skin is whitish, with a lot of juicy meat, perfumed, very sweet, with turgid pulp. Semi-erect tree of medium vigor, which needs the cold to develop. It reaches maturity in June or the first days of July.


Variety of Spanish apricot with large fruit , adaptable to all types of soils, with a shallow furrow.

You need fertile, drained soil. Vigorous, long-lived tree that reaches forty years of productive life.

By the way, it is of abundant production, resistant to the wind and to the fall of the fruit, which has yellow skin and juicy, sweet and perfumed flesh. Harvesting takes place in the first days of June.


It is a well-known French apricot variety, which is also produced in Italy and Greece.

Large oval fruit, juicy, slightly acidic sweet taste and great aroma, swollen at the base and dent in the beak, golden yellow with red streaks. 

It is a tree of great vigor and medium production. Resistant to parasites, undemanding on soils. It has good commercial value, due to its excellent quality and because it is very well preserved in transport. Harvesting takes place in July.


Spanish variety, with large round fruit, an intense yellow almost orange color. The tree is vigorous, it presents medium demands on the soil, its leaves are rough, resistant to fruit drop and parasites. 

Firm meat of good flavor, perfumed; medium bone of little keel. It is a high quality fruit that is well marketed and resistant to transport. Harvesting in the month of June.


It is another large apricot variety. Beautifully colored, orange with a touch of intense red. The tree is vigorous, of medium production, resistant to parasites and fruit drop. 

The meat is yellow, fine, melting, fragrant and pleasant, with medium bone. Harvesting takes place in the months of July and August. It is kept in an acceptable form during transport.

It is also a very commercial product due to its excellent quality.


Small fruit, it is the commercial variety of apricot that appears in anticipation in the markets. Their skin is delicate, pinkish-white in color. It has a whitish pulp, with little meat and an acid flavor. As they lack flavor freshly harvested, they are usually pre-ripened before being marketed.

Red Galta

It may be the most commercialized and most consumed variety in Spain; it is also known as «Valencian».

Its fruits are the largest on the market, its skin is striking for being half red and half yellow or orange. It has an orange pulp and is very sweet, especially when we take it directly from the tree.

Its main production in the world is from Turkey, and in Spain it is grown in Murcia, Albacete and Valencia. It is medicinal , as it is used for constipation as it is an excellent natural laxative. It is good against anemia.


Variety appreciated for its fleshy pulp with a soft and delicate flavor. Whitish skin, its fruits are spherical. One of the earliest on the market. It is a source of vitamins. It is grown in a 22-centimeter pot, fully rooted. It is very easy to get and at a reasonable price.


Another of the favorite species in the Iberian Peninsula. Large fruit, with fine and velvety skin and yellowish, sweet and juicy flesh. Its tree is vigorous and productive. We find it on the market at the end of May.

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