Adam’s Rib Care

Known as Adam’s rib, monstera deliciosa is recommended as a good choice for those hesitant to care for a plant. Its beautiful leaves have managed to captivate interior decorators, and it is not for less, since its intense tone and the peculiar shape of its leaves attract attention.

As a very clear example that the flora is capable of adapting to almost any circumstance, the monstera, a climbing plant from tropical climates, can tolerate a lack of light well. It usually grows in the shade of trees to which it is attached by means of aerial roots. For this reason, it is used as an indoor plant. Similarly, given its resistance and low maintenance, a monstera can be a good gift for someone who wants a plant, but is worried about not knowing how to care for it.

Its common name has nothing to do with Adam or the biblical story, but with the fact that its leaves, as they mature and grow, begin to section until they have so many cracks that they resemble ribs. Now, you might be interested to know that in other places it is known as piñanona or ceriman, because the fruit of Adam’s rib has a similar flavor to pineapple or soursop.

Its large, deep green leaves are part of its charm. It is enough to have a couple of them for the plant to be able to attract attention. In addition, its ability to climb allows it to reach up to 3 meters when it is indoors. Its flower, on the other hand, is very similar to that of the coves, being white and with an intensely colored center, which will later give rise to the aforementioned fruit.

Indoor care

As for light exposure, as we have said, it is quite tolerant. Unlike other houseplants, which need to be near a window, Adam’s rib can be found almost anywhere in the house, brightly lit or shaded. In addition, it is a very long-lived plant, capable of surviving for around 50 years . So, seen from another point of view, buying an Adam’s rib can be a good investment, because it will be able to remain beautiful and decorate your home for a long, long time.

To avoid unexpected damage, it is recommended not to place it very close to radiators, since it will affect the amount of environmental humidity that surrounds it. However, if you already have an Adam’s rib with yellow leaves, it may be due to too much direct sunlight or excessive watering. In both cases, you have to address the problem that caused it. That is, move it to a place with less light or, alternatively, let the substrate dry and provide a more moderate watering.

In any case, it is convenient to sprinkle each leaf of Adam’s rib with decalcified water and periodically. Such an action will help the plant always look fresh and with healthy leaves. In the event that one begins to deteriorate, it is advisable to remove it so that it does not take away the vitality of the others.

As for watering, being inside the home, the Adam’s rib needs less watering than when it is outside. Thus, watering it once or twice a week, always checking that the water does not accumulate, could be more than enough.

If you are wondering about its flowers, the only disadvantage of having it indoors is that you will hardly see them, much less be able to enjoy its fruits. However, the beauty of its leaves can compensate for this inconvenience.

outdoor care

As we have said, the Adam’s rib plant is not very demanding. When you have access to a space of land in the garden that allows it to be planted outside, you should only be careful that it is not subject to substrates that become waterlogged. Although it comes from tropical climates, it does not tolerate excessive moisture on the roots. Instead, it requires good drainage. Therefore, it is appropriate to use a slightly sandy soil.

On the other hand, if we do not want to fall into constantly resorting to pruning the monstera plant, then we must offer it a resistant tutor that can support it, since if the conditions are right, and it is properly cared for, it can achieve surprising outdoor results. length of 20 meters .


Regardless of whether you have indoors or outdoors, being a tropical plant, it is sensitive to cold and should not drop below 8 degrees.


Adam’s rib bears fruit, making it a plant ready to reproduce through seeds. However, a faster method used by hobbyists to multiply it is through cuttings. So, if you have an acquaintance with an Adam’s rib, the cuttings they give you, with at least two leaves, will be enough for you to have a new plant in a short time.

For this method to be successful, the cutting in question must be placed in a jar. The substrate to be used must be made up of the same amount of peat as sand, with humidity, but without exceeding it. Afterwards, it is recommended to cover the bottle and place it in an area that reaches 25ºC during the day, preferably with intense light. As soon as the new leaves appear, the new Adam’s rib can be transplanted to its final place.

Curious facts about the monstera plant

Although it is known and proliferates from Mexico to Argentina, the monstera is not part of any gastronomy, except for that of Guatemala. And the fact that it is called «delicious» combines very well with the qualities of its fruit. However, it should never be eaten before it is fully ripe, as it can cause unpleasant reactions, such as itching and blisters.

In the same way, you should be careful with the Adam’s leaf and its proximity to the dogs and cats of the home. The best thing is that, in case you have these pets, make sure that they do not have easy access to it, avoiding pots near the ground or hanging the plant, so that they do not play with it, since the monstera leaf is toxic also for them.

You will have been able to realize that, in reality, the monstera does not have to be given strenuous or frequent care. Despite this, it is a plant that could become the focus of attention if you place it in the right place.

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