Advantages of artificial vertical gardens

When we think of this type of installation, we usually do it only with natural plants. However, artificial vertical gardens are a wonderful alternative to behold. A way of being able to have this unique touch of nature that they contribute to a space with substantial advantages compared to natural plants. It cannot be denied that artificial vertical gardens are a trend. And, beyond fashions, it has its reason for being.

For some time now, it is more than common to see artificial or natural vertical garden installations. And let’s not only think about the most spectacular, those that we can see upholstering a facade. We are also talking about others of a smaller format that can embellish the interior of a home, an office or a commercial premises. Their simple presence completely changes the atmosphere of a space. And, whether it is with natural plants or artificial plants, there is no denying their incredible beauty.

Because of its incredible appeal and popularity, we want to see the benefits of artificial vertical gardens. A way to break a spear in their favor and banish, forever, the idea that they can only look with a natural plant.


Even if you are an unconditional fan of natural plants, this type of garden may be perfect for you. And, before going into detail about its advantages, it is important to know something. Opting for the artificial does not imply giving up the welcoming character of this type of facility. It is clear that having them implies certain sacrifices, such as the fact that we will not be able to consider how to attract pollinating insects to our garden. Minor aspects if we consider all its advantages.

Let’s see what are the benefits of artificial vertical gardens, and why we should contemplate choosing them.

1. Low maintenance, the main advantage of artificial vertical gardens

Natural vertical gardens imply a high demand in terms of maintenance. We are not just talking about pruning or cleaning up plants. We also talk about having to transplant from time to time depending on how they are planted.

Logically, in the case of artificial vertical gardens, maintenance is infinitely less. It is enough to know the care of artificial flowers to be able to extend their life without losing an iota of their beauty. Some minor and more than bearable tasks, for which it is not necessary to have a good hand with plants.

This type of planks for artificial vertical gardens only require cleaning to be in perfect condition. take a look here

2. Water saving

One of its logical advantages. Being artificial in nature, they do not require irrigation. Something that, although it may seem minor, it is not. Given their orientation, vertical gardens usually require a complex hydroponic irrigation installation. One that, although it is designed to save water, does not stop assuming an expense of it.

So yes: despite being artificial materials, we can well say that they are more ecological gardens than natural plant ones.

3. As versatile as you want

Lovers of natural plants often blame this type of facility for the lack of plant variety. And no, nothing is further from reality. The main advantage of vertical garden plants is that we can find the one that suits our tastes. From a variety of green leaves to other proposals with flowers, passing through other types of leaves that we could not enjoy in any way in a garden of these characteristics.

It is enough to know its variety to find just what we are looking for.

4. Low installation requirement

Since they do not need a nearby water outlet or plug, the installation of artificial vertical gardens is more than simple. It is enough to choose the space that we like the most, and place our installation in it.

Maple leaves can be a wonderful way to beautify a vertical garden. get them here

5. They do not demand a bright space

Another obvious aspect that makes the difference with respect to natural plants. And, although we can consider it minor, it is not. In many cases, plants do not thrive indoors due to lack of sunlight. A concern that we can eliminate from the equation in the case of artificial plants.

6. They act as insulation, a little-known advantage

Artificial vertical gardens are perfect for isolating a space. And not only from the cold: also from noise pollution.

7. Lower cost in the medium term, another attraction of artificial vertical gardens

And we leave for the end one of the most practical advantages. Vertical gardens with natural plants imply constantly renewing the plant. Something that, in the long run, can be more burdensome than artificial plant installations.

Can you think of any more advantages of artificial vertical gardens? Tell us!

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