Advice on Urban Gardens: How we can help

Maybe you are wondering what plants can I grow in my garden? o What irrigation should I use? o What materials should I use for the beds? These and other questions and doubts that may arise is what we at want to solve for you. For this reason, I want to describe the advice for urban gardens that you can find.

What is happening to my plant?

It is the question that we all ask ourselves when we see a speck of a color that we do not like on the leaves of our crop, some leaves that dry or a stem that is too strange. From here we want to advise you in some way so that little by little you can differentiate between plague, disease or nutrient deficiency.

To find out if we have the last problem, I remind you of the following table that we already used in the article that Lucía wrote about PEST AND DISEASE CONTROL IN ORGANIC GARDENS in which you can find symptoms and the element that is deficient.

In this article we emphasized the difference between disease and plague, remember

A plague is caused by insects, arachnids, snails or small animals such as rodents or birds.

Diseases are caused by microorganisms, mainly fungi and bacteria

Pest control in the orchard

Sources: DiCYT, and © Shipher Wu (National Taiwan University)

For many of you, the problem of pests can put you back from creating an orchard. In addition, as we have to take into account that we want not only an urban garden, but also an ecological one, the easy way of going to the garden store to buy an insecticide or a fungicide is totally ruled out.

At we have presented you with different pests and diseases such as aphids, red spiders or mites such as white spiders, and we have tried to give you clean solutions of unnecessary chemicals that dirty our green space. We have been lucky enough to verify that natural products such as nettle slurry, powdered garlic infusions… are more widespread.

Other forms of control that we must not forget are the use of «collaborators» such as ladybugs to solve aphid problems, the use of aromatics at the ends of the orchard or the use of scarecrows to avoid those flyers that want to eat our work..

Fungi, powdery mildew, bad bacteria for plants

As you can think and read in the article that I have indicated, we are here facing a more serious problem than that of the plague. This is because we only see the symptoms. In this way, when we want to apply a control it is more complicated and the action must be faster so that they do not spread.

These diseases have a very fast reproduction capacity and can spread to all parts of the plants. For this reason, we have to take into account that perhaps one way to solve these problems is to cut the affected areas, in addition to the use of ecological fungicides such as nettle slurry itself or horsetail.

The garden step by step

But you will not only find help here for those people who know more about The advice that we want to give you from begins with planning. At the moment that someone who is lying on the sofa and says, » and why not plant a garden?» we want to be there to help you.

Garden on the terrace of Rodri

We strongly believe that ecological and urban gardens can be at the hand of anyone who wants to plant. We want to continue contributing our grain of sand throughout the green movement that is being generated in the cities, and that we have been able to observe with the reports that we are regularly doing, which has many positive things. From the good use that is made of empty spaces that we find in cities to those social ties that can be strengthened in a garden. So, why is a person not going to be able to make a garden without knowing anything?

For this reason, the advice that we want to give at can also be to solve questions such as how to plan in the garden, what irrigation to use or how I should compost at home… you can find articles already made on all these topics and the futures we make.

How can we help you with your orchards?

We want to offer you close and fast advice, for this we believe that the use of social networks is quite important. is present on Facebook and Twitter, where you can write us all the doubts you have. Paolo, for example, is a person who had a doubt about a plant that he has in his house.

He posted a photo on Facebook to try to find help and we proposed a solution. On the other hand, we also have an email where you can contact us as Jose Manuel did to show us his drip irrigation with bottles. And of course, in the forum of each article you have a space for you where you can tell us everything you consider appropriate.

Finally, I would like to inform you again that we also have a YouTube channel for Agrohuerto where you will find videos of some of the reports we have made and you will find out how to make a vegetable garden from scratch thanks to Álvaro’s advice.

A big hug

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