AEFA at the National Plant Health Symposium 2022

AEFA actively participates in the 16th National Symposium on Plant Health, through a multi-sector room focused on agricultural biostimulants.

The National Plant Health Symposium 2022 is organized by the Official College of Agricultural Technical Engineers of Western Andalusia (COITAND), and will take place in the city of Seville on March 30, 31 and April 1, 2022.

In this new edition, the Organizing Committee ensures that «it will come full of changes, but maintaining the structure similar to previous editions, face-to-face and adapted to current circumstances, with the focus on everything that surrounds Plant Health with capital letters, and focused from all points of view: new phytosanitary products, seeds, application of new technologies, bioeconomy, qualified advice, climatic stress, that is, from all the agricultural sciences that make food production more and more and safer, and more adapted to what today’s society requires, without forgetting that it must be profitable for the farmer and creator of wealth”.

Thus, during these three days, the latest advances and trends regarding the protection of plants and food safety from all its aspects will be addressed.

In the Symposium, AEFA actively participates and for this, it will have a multisectoral room on Thursday, March 31, whose theme will be centered on agricultural biostimulants.

In it, Camino García Martínez de Morentín (Director of Institutional Relations and Communication of AEFA) will give the conference “ The green pact, an opportunity for biostimulants ”. In this same session, Sara García Figuera will participate as a guest speaker, on behalf of EBIC (European Biostimulants Industry Council) with the theme “ Perspectives for biostimulants in Europe ”.

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