AEVAE expands its network of agricultural packaging collection points

AEVAE, the Spanish Association for the Recovery of Containers, continues in its dynamics of expanding its network of collection points for empty agricultural containers, once used by the farmer.

In this last quarter of 2022, the AEVAE network has incorporated 27 new fixed collection points for empty agricultural containers, whether they are rigid or flexible plastic containers.

We are talking about a network of green points at the service of the farmer, with which the collection and subsequent management of their agricultural packaging is facilitated. With them, they have the solution of participating in a Circular Economy, in addition to knowing that their packaging is guaranteed an environmentally correct recycling treatment.

Network of fixed collection points for agricultural packaging in Spain

With these 27 new fixed collection points for agricultural packaging that are added to the long list of those that already exist, the network of fixed collection points for agricultural packaging in Spain is established throughout the country, both peninsular and insular.

Being spread over the 17 Autonomous Communities that make up the Spanish territory, the companies adhering to AEVAE show their commitment, responsibility and sensitivity towards the environment.

On the other hand, through the management strategy in the collection and treatment of these containers by the SCRAP AEVAE, it is guaranteed that they will receive an environmentally correct treatment and participate in a circular economy, while contributing to an optimization of available resources, in this case plastic. Let us remember that plastic is not a problem, but its misuse or mismanagement is.

Note that, for the collection of these plastic containers, they must bear the AEVAE symbol (pictogram) on their label because it identifies those placed on the market by companies that manufacture fertilizers, phytosanitary products, special agronutrients, agricultural biostimulants, microorganisms for the soil. and auxiliary fauna. They are companies committed to caring for the environment and that with their efforts give added value to their customers.

The new 27 fixed collection points for empty agricultural containers are:

  • Agrochemicals Céspedes SLU, CN 340, km. 392- The Curve – 04770 Adra (Almería)
  • Agropecuaria Marteña SA, Finca Santa Marta, Pol. 153, parc. 1 – 02630 La Roda (Albacete)
  • Agrícola Roda SCA, Ctra. de Pedrera, s/n – 41590 La Roda de Andalucía (Seville)
  • Agrodisa Vinalopó SL, C/ Mayor Ramón Berenguer Prieto, s/n – 03680 Aspe (Alicante)
  • Agrochemicals Canals SL, La Alcudia Agrifood Park, C/ Bastida de les Alcusses, 7 – 03290 Elche (Alicante)
  • Agrodisa Vinalopó SL, Pol. Ind. El Rubial, C/6, Parc. 24 – 03400 Villena (Alicante)
  • Agrodisa Vinalopó SL, Pol. Ind. Asensao, Paraje El Buho, C/ Hortelanos, 8 – 30530 Cieza (Murcia)
  • Aza de los Lobos SL, C/ Ortega y Gasset, 14 – 16660 Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca)
  • Camp Alt SL, Cno. Pollarrosa, s/n – 43885 Salomó (Tarragona)
  • Onions Javaloyes SL, Cno. La Pinara and Lo Gil, s/n – 3350 Cox (Alicante)
  • Orihuela Catholic Agricultural Cooperative, Partida Camino Enmedio, s/n – 03311 Orihuela (Alicante)
  • Coop. Agricultural The Union of Benlloch Coop. V., C/ Mar, 116 – 12181 Benlloch (Castellón)
  • Dimagro SL, Ctra. De Jumilla, km. 3.5 – 30540 Blanca (Murcia)
  • Dimagro SL, Ctra. De Caravaca, s/n – 30170 Mula (Murcia)
  • Ecoloni Agricultural Supplies SL, C/ Marco Alemán, 13 – 04117 San Isidro de Níjar (Almería)
  • Fertifit Agro SL, Ctra. Bailén-Motril Km.31- 23001 Jaén
  • Fruits and Citrus Mula SCL, Ctra. de Caravaca, s/n – 30170 Mula (Murcia)
  • Phytosanitary Sosa SL, Pol. Ind. Sepes, Plot 84 – 13250 Daimiel (Ciudad Real)
  • Hortofruticola Topi SL, C/ Barranco Molax, 17 – 30550 Abarán (Murcia)
  • Moyca Grapes SL, Finca Frugarva. Place of the Palomos, s/n – 30892 Librilla (Murcia)
  • Naturllanos 2020 SL, C/ Luis Mingo, s/n – 13220 Llanos del Caudillo (Ciudad Real)
  • Naturllanos 2020 SL, C/ Morales Antequera, 27 – 13220 Llanos del Caudillo (Ciudad Real)
  • Novasys Pharma SL, C/ Tajo, 26 – 4410 Benahadux (Almería)
  • Nutrifer Ecol SL, Pol. Ind. Ancor 1, C/ Galileo, 5 – 04716 Las Norias de Daza (Almería)
  • Sdad. Coop. Andalusian Agrarian, Ctra. A-305, KM. 53 – 14850 Baena (Cordoba)
  • Sdad. Agrícola La Prosperidad, Ctra. La Punta, 2 – 38780 Tijarafe (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
  • Todosemillas SL, Pol. Ind. 1º de Mayo, C/ Zapateros, 2 – 10100 Miajadas (Cáceres)

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