Agrohuerto visits the Trebol Foundation

Hello to all Farmers! Today I am going to tell you about a very special visit I made this summer to the Trébol Foundation, in Las Rozas de Madrid.

I leave you with a video from the Agriculture for RURbanitas section of our YouTube channel in which I talk about the Foundation and share some of the images of our visit.

Trebol Foundation: Centers and Services

Under the motto “working for the benefit of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities”, Fundación Trébol is a private non-profit institution, founded in 1999 by ASOCIACIÓN TRÉBOL, to care for people with intellectual disabilities. Its headquarters occupies a plot of almost one hectare donated by the Las Rozas City Council. Its aspiration is to become a reference institution in quality of service, favoring the personal, social and work development of users and offering support to their families, through various activities including agriculture, gardening and the environment occupy privileged places.

Occupational Center: Gardening and Nursery

It was created for the daytime stay of those people with the greatest support needs and is supported by a service framework agreement with the Community of Madrid. The purpose of the center is to provide occupational qualification and personal and social development, in order to achieve the highest level of development of the personal and socio-labour skills and abilities of its users, so that it can serve as a bridge to the Center. Special Employment CLOVER GARDEN.

Special Employment Center CLOVER GARDEN

The purpose of this center is the social integration of people with disabilities, assuring them a job, through the development of a productive activity, such as gardening.

The CEE serves a large number of customers, mainly in the Las Rozas area, but also in other parts of the Community, such as the Madrid Transport Center. The tasks they carry out are the common ones of any garden establishment and maintenance work, from the design and supply of plants to reforestation, through basic tasks such as pruning and felling, irrigation or pest control.

All the income obtained is invested in salaries for people with disabilities and in the continuous expansion of the company to accommodate a greater number of people at risk of social exclusion.

The magnificent abilities that the boys develop often mean that this center helps them finally find ordinary employment. And it is that they can create true wonders, without going any further, the garden of the Foundation itself, which even has a Japanese garden and a small pond with carp, was designed with their collaboration and of course, the merit of its wonderful appearance is all yours.

Fundación Trébol garden created and maintained by the students

Gardening School

Another service linked to the Special Employment Center is the School of Gardening, which began with the help of the Ministry of Family and Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid and the European Social Fund, in 2005. At the School, the students They are trained as garden operators, developing the technical and socio-labor skills necessary for a job in this sector and being able to access a job at the Special Employment Center. An important part of the School is the ECOLOGICAL GARDEN, which we discuss in greater depth in the article “Therapeutic Gardens: The TRÉBOL FOUNDATION Garden”

The ecological garden of Fundación Trébol (Source:

The Foundation also has two greenhouses where flowers and plants are grown for later sale. These greenhouses serve as a training space at the same time as they constitute a source of income that allows financing different activities of the Foundation.

other schools

Fundación Trébol also offers other alternatives such as the Computer Embroidery School, where students receive training in sewing tasks, or the Comprehensive Communication School, in which they learn to search for, structure and present information, in such a way that so that it can be used for different purposes, from the promotion of the company image through social networks to its application in the different radio formats. In this sense, the boys and girls of the school participate in the section » The Four-Leaf Clover and Many More « within the program » The Eyes of Bartimeo «which is broadcast nationally, every alternate Sunday afternoon on Radio Maria.

This is all for now. If you want to know more about the Foundation, its organic garden and the benefits it brings to people with intellectual disabilities, do not forget to read the article: « THERAPEUTIC GARDENS: The organic garden of the Trébol Foundation «. You can also find more information on the Foundation’s website. I await your comments and opinions about this type of project in which agriculture is so important. With this I say goodbye, until the next Agrohuerters article!

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