Albuca spiralis, with spiral leaves and flowers that smell like vanilla

Albuca spiralis also known as Albuca spiralis , belongs to the Asparagaceae family , which is of the genus Albuca, made up of more than 60 species of bulbous plants. It is native to the Cape Province, South Africa.

Characteristics of the Albuca spiralis

Deciduous plant with ovoid bulbs , 5 cm in diameter that usually reach 60 cm in height when they flower. The leaves are twisted in a spiral arising in rosettes, succulent, of a bright green color. The stem is long from which 12 yellowish flowers appear with a vanilla-like aroma. It blooms in the spring.

Albuca spiralis care

Fast growing plant that is grown in pots or greenhouses. But when the winter climate is usually mild, borders or another group of bulbous can form.

It requires exposure to full sun or at least well lit for it to develop well. It could even withstand weak frosts of around 5˚C (as long as they are not so frequent).

The soil must be well drained and with a good content of organic matter for it to grow properly.

Watering should be in spring and summer, but without waterlogging. In the fall, watering should be eliminated until spring begins.

As for the fertilizer, it should be with manure or compost in early spring to promote vigorous flowering.

It does not require pruning, although the dry leaves can be removed (to allow optimal growth of the shoots) and leave the bulbs buried for the following season.

It is a species that is usually resistant to pests and diseases.

It multiplies from seeds in the definitive place in a Mediterranean climate. If the winter becomes very cold, it is preferable to sow it in a seedbed. It can also be reproduced by separation of bulbs during the fall.

A plant beauty that few know, but that is well worth having in the garden. In addition, its care is very easy so it will not be difficult to keep it healthy. Now that if you are one of those lucky enough to have it, do not hesitate to tell us all its secrets. Let’s continue giving life to more species so that tomorrow our generations continue to admire everything that nature can provide us. Do you want to try it? What plants do you have in your green space?

Images courtesy of: Shanna Tomlinson , Josh Bassett

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