Alella wines

Denomination of Origin Vinos de Alella, high quality wines with their own personality.

The Vinos de Alella Denomination of Origin is located in the Barcelona region of El Maresme. It is one of the smallest areas of the Iberian Peninsula, being a viticultural oasis a few kilometers north of the city of Barcelona, ​​an aspect that has marked it historically, since it provided it with wine, having its heyday in the decade of the years 1880.

This area of ​​agricultural production, and especially viticulture, has evolved in recent decades in cultivation techniques for the production of its wines, achieving that these, at present, enjoy an outstanding role both nationally and internationally.

Characteristics of the area of ​​Designation of Origin Vinos de Alella

One of the highlights when referring to this area is its coastal mountains. The crops under the Vinos de Alella Designation of Origin are mainly focused on it. This stops the wind that comes from the Mediterranean Sea, condensing its moisture, adding it to the existing vegetation.

This area of ​​El Maresme has an average temperature of 15°C and annual rainfall of about 600 mm. concentrated mainly in the seasons of autumn and spring,

To all this is added its sandy land of granite origin on which the vineyards of the Vinos de Alella Designation of Origin are based. Although it must be clarified that those located to the west are more clayey and calcareous lands.

As a whole, they grow in a warm coastal Mediterranean climate with mild winters, allowing these vineyards to enjoy a very special climate for their development.

Main grape varieties in the Vinos de Alella Denomination of Origin

Among the main grape varieties grown in the Vinos de Alella Denomination of Origin are Pansa Blanca, Garnacha Blanca and Picapoll Blanca.

With these varieties, and with the good work of their producers and winemakers, characteristic white, dry or sweet wines are achieved.

The wineries, with a good preparation, give their wines modernity and expression, creating even organic wines, in some cases, of great quality and with their own personality.

The Maresme

As has been said, the region of El Maresme is a coastal region that is located next to the Mediterranean Sea and includes municipalities such as Alella, Arenys de Mar, Arenys de Munt, Argentona, Cabrera de Mar, Cabrils, Caldetas, Calella, Canet de Mar, Dosrius, Malgrat de Mar, Masnou, Mataró, Montgat, Orrius, Palafolls, Pineda, Premià de Dalt, Premià de Mar, San Andrés de Llavaneras, San Cipriano de Vallalta, San Pol de Mar, San Vicente de Moltall, Santa Susana, Teià, Tiana, Tordera, Vilassar de Dalt and Vilassar de Mar. Its capital is Mataró

It is a narrow strip on the slopes and at the foot of the mountains of the Cordillera Litoral, made up of Sierra de Sant Mateu, Sierra del Corredor and the Macizo del Montnegre.

The mountains of El Maresme are made up of granitic rocks, which in their degradation over time have originated a type of sand of great importance in the formation of fertile soils. At its base, the soil is enriched thanks to the accumulation of clay and sand from the upper slopes.

Its spontaneous vegetation is basically made up of holm oak and cork oak groves. The presence of oak groves stands out, mainly African oak, in the shady areas.

Regarding the bottom of the valleys, the elms, alders and willows gain presence. Currently there are holm oaks, cork oak groves, oak groves and in Montnegre, chestnut plantations. In the remaining areas we will find oak and pine forests, alternating with scrub and heather.

A large part of the land occupied by crops, horticultural and ornamental stands out, as well as vineyards, as is the case of those that give rise to the Wines of Alella Denomination of Origin.

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