Anti-stress plants: nature as an ally

The traffic jams, the commitments, the work… everything is mitigating to lead a fast life in which the rush robs us, without realizing it, a little bit of each day. For this reason, many times, we need to use nature to slow down. Something that we can achieve if we include anti- stress plants in our day-to-day life that help us touch down. To not lose that contact with the earth that makes it easier to feel better, and take things more calmly.

Whether as plants for the office or for our home, anti-stress plants have many little-known emotional benefits. To begin with, they are usually characterized by being intensely green. A color that benefits the calm of our brain. But in addition to this, it is also common for anti-stress plants to require little care. A way to be able to enjoy nature without having to take on an extra task in our already busy lives.

So, if you want to decorate with nature and that also fulfills a function, discover some of the anti-stress plants with which you can achieve a less tense life.


The effectiveness of anti-stress plants has not been empirically proven. However, there are numerous studies that support that those spaces decorated with plants are healthier. And we are not just referring to the physical plane. We also refer to people’s psychological health. Not only do they humidify the environment, thus allowing you to breathe better. In addition, it has been shown that they favor concentration. An aspect that can only be achieved when the mind is relaxed.

For these reasons, let’s see some anti-stress plants that are easy to grow and ideal for improving our lives.

1. Aloe vera, one of the most common anti-stress plants

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One of the most popular succulent plants. Striking for its fleshy green leaves, aloe vera also has multiple benefits. Not only is it one of the anti-stress plants par excellence, but it is also cataloged within the group of purifying plants. And it is that it is capable of neutralizing benzene and formaldehyde.

Aloe vera care does not entail any difficulty, as long as we are careful with irrigation. It does not tolerate excess water well, so the ideal is that we space the irrigations a lot and ensure good drainage. In addition to this, she is also not a friend of low temperatures, so the ideal is never to have her below 17 degrees.

2. Ficus Benjamina

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Extremely striking, the ficus Benjamina is a plant that looks like a small tree. Adding to the attractiveness of its vertical growth is the twisted character of its trunk. A detail that makes this plant irresistible.

If we opt for it within our anti-stress plants, it is important to know that it has a good growth. Something that forces us to have an adequate space for it or, failing that, to carry out a good training pruning with the arrival of spring. It does not demand a high irrigation pattern, but it does require a good temperature. For it to grow at a good pace, the ideal is for it to be between 20 and 25 degrees.

3. Ribbon

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One of the most traditional green plants in homes and offices in our country. With a hanging habit and luminous leaves, the Cinta is extremely easy to grow. Although it is a lover of sunlight always indirectly, we can also enjoy it in spaces with little light. An aspect that, together with its predilection for humidity, make it one of the perfect choices when looking for plants to have in the bathroom.

For it to grow without problems, the tape must be away from drafts, and at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees.

4. Dracaena marginata

A beautiful green companion that, at some times of the year, adopts colors as striking as pink. Also upright, this dracaena is ideal for those who want to combine the benefits of anti-stress plants with a tropical touch. Due to its origins, it demands good light and a temperature of between 20 and 25 degrees.

To grow it correctly, we will have to be careful with irrigation. It is important to always avoid waterlogging and, in addition, provide proper drainage. It is a plant extremely sensitive to excess water in its roots.

5. Croton excellent

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Although green is not lacking, the main attraction of this variety of croton is the diversity of tones that its leaves adopt. Fast – growing, it is an ideal perennial plant for spaces with good light and a stable temperature never below 15 degrees. Since it loves humidity, it is important to keep the substrate constantly moist, so we will have to closely monitor the irrigation.

Do you have any of these anti-stress plants at home?

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