Apple Tree Cuttings: [Grafts, Time, Rooting and Planting]

Of the most delicious and sweet fruits that can be harvested in an orchard, the apple is the queen.

Its tree, the apple tree, is highly coveted for this reason and multiplying it by means of cuttings is very possible.

In this way, we can take advantage of the good characteristics of a tree that runs a large production and obtain a new specimen.

The best thing is that it is a fairly simple procedure that we summarize in this post. Will you join us to review all the information?

With what other plants or trees can we graft the apple tree cutting?

The apple tree, being a tree with a woody structure, supports the grafting process very well.This can occur between two apple trees with identical conditions or different subspecies.

Although it is possible to develop variations with other similar species of fruit trees, such as the pear tree, it does not always give good results.

What is the best time to plant apple tree cuttings?

The apple tree has the property of making a good cutting at two totally different times of the year: early spring or late summer. In these cases, what will vary is the texture of the cutting, because at the beginning of spring no leaves have been generated and at the end of summer it begins to lose them.

How to get apple tree cuttings to root correctly?

The success of this planting method will start from taking the cutting of a tree that has good health characteristics.

Cuttings, to improve the chances of root production, are worth dipping in a rooting hormone.Later, it will be buried in a pot of appropriate dimensions to help it generate its root system.

This pot must be covered with garden soil, preferably in a sterile state to prevent the spread of microorganisms.

It is a good plan to also add sand to help generate effective water drainage, as it is a species that requires a lot of humidity.Based on this statement, it is necessary to properly water the substrate, ensuring that it penetrates to the bottom.

Moisture conditions must be checked daily, so that the cutting is never in a dry state because it could affect it.It is also important to press a little with your fingers around the cutting so that it is stable in the pot.

In this phase, the apple tree cuttings need a warm environment in which to stay.That is why it is so relevant to keep irrigation well controlled, since the humidity will have a tendency to evaporate more quickly.If the cutting is from spring, it can be kept outside, in semi-shade, where drafts are not generated.

If it is summer, it is best to keep it indoors (because the arrival of autumn is approaching) so that it maintains a warm and stable temperature.

How should we take the apple tree cuttings to plant them?

Apple tree cuttings can be taken with a tender structure, without having produced leaves, when the process is advanced in spring.

In the event that this action is carried out at the end of summer, the texture of the cutting will be woody, of hard wood.If a tender cutting is taken, it will be used as it was extracted from the tree.

However, when doing woody wood, older leaves will need to be removed to help the process run more efficiently.The cuttings should be about 20 centimeters long.

How long should we leave apple tree cuttings in water?

The apple tree, although it does require a good level of humidity to prosper, it is not recommended to work it in water because it could cause rot.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

The apple tree could use a little help in terms of nutrition, so it is worth adding organic matter to the substrate .

Of course, you have to measure the quantities very well so as not to cause damage to the structure of the roots.

Afterwards, in the times adjusted to the age of the tree, the corresponding fertilizations will be carried out to improve the production of fruits.

How long does it usually take for an apple tree cutting to come out?

Apple cuttings should begin to produce roots 30 days after being buried.

One way to verify that the changes are taking place is to remove the soil from the surface with your fingers and see if the roots are growing.

This can be done after 15 days, for example, to give you time to move forward.On some occasions, when all the environmental conditions are given, the cuttings can be reproduced naturally.

This gives us a clear signal that it is a process that the apple tree can carry out without much help, although it will always be more successful to the extent that we take care of it.After the cutting has its root system ready, it can be transplanted outside to continue its development.

If you want to go deeper, you can see: Plant an apple tree.

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