Apple Tree Diseases and Pests: [Identification and Treatment]

That apple tree diseases do not become a problem every time you have the planting cycle.

Take advantage of this information and take note of which are the most frequent conditions, their symptoms and possible treatments.

Because nobody wants to consume apples in bad condition, much less lose the harvest that takes so much work to generate.


This disease produces a series of dark green spots on the back of the leaves.

As time passes and the disease grows in damage, the specks turn black, damaging the leaves and affecting the strength of the tree .

At the moment in which it is presented with greater force, the specks can reach the fruits, generating very visible spots on the apples.

For its development, the fungus that causes the disease lodges in the fallen leaves during the fall .

In some areas this disease is also known as apple scab.

Treatment for mottling in the apple tree

In the case of preventive, it is best to collect the fallen leaves during the fall to prevent the generation of microorganisms with humidity.

In addition, when spring begins when there is humidity and low temperatures, it is best to apply fungicides oriented for this disease.

A good ally around this matter is sulfur .

Powdery mildew

Leaf infected by powdery mildew .

It is one of the most common diseases in trees whose fruits contain bones or seeds , as in this case.

Its main symptom is the presence of white spots in many areas of the plant such as leaves and stems.

When present, the plant begins to grow much slower than usual, delaying work in the field.

In other stages, the leaves begin to fall and the tender fruits also, causing the harvest to be lost.

Treatment for apple powdery mildew

The disease reproduces and takes hold when there is high humidity in the environment.

It is for this reason that many specialists in its cultivation advise that the trees be planted with good separation from each other.

This measure helps the branches to occupy a good space and let moisture flow.

In addition to that, as in the previous case, it is a good plan to use sulfur-based fungicides .

These can be applied especially at the base of the trees, very close to the ground.

Scab or black rot

When an apple tree begins to present dark spots on its leaves or fruits, it is most likely that it is scab.

These spots are initially brown in color but later darken until they are black .

If the disease is not controlled in time and affects the apples severely, the entire crop loss can occur.

Even worse cases could be reached because scab is capable of damaging the entire plant, making it impossible to recover.

Scab is also known as black rot.

Treatment of scab on the apple tree

To deal with scab on the apple tree, a good first plan is to work with the pruning of the affected areas .

This will prevent the disease from spreading to other areas.

It is also advisable to apply fungicides adapted to this type of disease such as sulfur or copper or, failing that, a pesticide .

These will be useful at times when the scab is not so advanced because, if so, there will be very little that can be done.

To prevent this , it is recommended copper oxychloride and the slurry of nettles .

Cork stains

Unlike the previous cases, cork stains are not caused by a fungus or bacteria.
PH meter

Rather, this type of disease is caused by the tree’s lack of adequate nutrients for its development, especially calcium .

In addition to that, the pH level it has is low , which prevents the plant from being able to perform its growth work in an optimal way.

Its presence in apple trees will be noticed as if they had been attacked by insects that eat their leaves.

And, although it is a fact that it does not cause any type of harm to humans who can consume the fruit , it does reduce its appearance and value for commercial sale.

Treatment of cork stains on apple trees

To avoid that an apple tree suffers from the presence of cork stains, it is best to work with good products in its fertilization .

This action will help the plant to be strengthened to carry out its process and bear fruit in optimal conditions.

Apples are delicious fruits that most of the population likes to consume, which is why their production has increased a lot in recent years.

This, of course, has led to an important need to redouble care to prevent apple trees from being victims of diseases.


The apple tree is mainly affected by four types of aphids : woolly, brown, green and ashy.

For its prevention, it is recommended to apply potassium soap and neem oil .


It is a butterfly that appears during the summer , its caterpillar is pink in color and feeds on what it finds inside the fruits , causing its premature fall or directly its putrefaction.

For its control, it is recommended to apply Bacillus Thuringiensis and neem oil .

Drill Butterfly

Drill butterflies, specifically the Zeuzera or yellow drill and the Cossus or red drill, often open galleries in tree branches.

For its control, it is recommended to apply Bacillus Thuringiensis and neem oil .

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