Autumn bouquets: what are the ideal colors

With the arrival of the cold, it is time to make our house a more welcoming space. Something that we can achieve with textiles, accessories or simply by changing the colors of our home. But, beyond these decorative resources, the bouquets of autumn flowers are postulated as perfect companions of the season. A way to fill any room with color and life, playing with the incredible beauty of flowers. A way, also, to recover that tradition of always having fresh flowers at home.

Decorating with bouquets of autumn flowers does not imply focusing solely on flowers typical of this season. It implies, above all, choosing them in the most suitable tones for this time of year. A moment in which the ocher palette becomes the protagonist. It is precisely these tones that will allow us to create a cozy atmosphere. Some that, in addition to emotionally raising the temperature, will fill any room with light.

Let’s see, then, some proposals for bouquets of autumn flowers. Some perfect bouquets to warm up a room, to embellish it and, also, to make the time inside the house more pleasant.


Hitting the ideal colors for autumn flower bouquets is easy. It is enough, as we said, to reflect the tones that reign in this season in nature. One that is dressed in a unique color palette, which can only be seen at this time of year.

Discover all our proposals for autumn flower bouquets

And, although it may seem less, decorating with fall colors is a success. Aligning our interior with the exterior appearance is a great way to dress the house according to the season. And not only because it allows a unique symbiosis between our home and nature. Added, the autumn tones are capable of creating a home by themselves. To manage to embellish a room without giving up that feeling of home so sought after at this time of year.

To hit the bouquets of autumn flowers, the ideal is to opt for the following shades:

  • Orange: One of the quintessential fall colors. It is an energetic color, capable of transmitting closeness and enthusiasm
  • Yellow: one of the quintessential shades of luminosity. Implies clarity and energy
  • Green: the quintessential color of nature is also present in the fall. A tone that evokes serenity and harmony
  • Red: one of the colors most linked to the animal world. Symbolizes strength, passion and life
  • Purple – one of the most elegant shades, which is associated with nobility

Any of these colors is perfect for fall bouquets. Some that we can enjoy for a long time if we know how to preserve a bouquet of flowers.


Keeping these hues in mind, let’s look at some fall flower bouquet ideas. Some with a single flower as the protagonist, and chosen in the colors of this season

1. Orange roses, the queen of flowers in a surprising color

An ideal bouquet for those seeking warmth. get it here

It’s hard not to feel passionate about one of the most beautiful flowers in existence. Called the queen of the garden, the rose is one of those safe bets both for those who consider why give flowers at any time and for those who want to decorate their home with them.

In this case, our proposal is a very special bouquet of autumn flowers. One that, under the name of Sahara Spirit, evokes a landscape that is as little known as it is spectacular: the land of roses in the desert of Morocco. A perfect option to decorate with elegance.

2. Yellow and orange Lilyum, a commitment to luminosity

A perfect bouquet for lovers of light. Know your options

One of those bouquets of autumn flowers capable of filling any room with joy! Something possible thanks to a unique combination. On the one hand, the beauty and elegance of the lilyum. On the other, the use of two super autumn colors that, at the same time, remind us of summer days.

Sweet Light is a bouquet that evokes, precisely, that singular light of the hot months. One that we can remember and enjoy with this bouquet.

3. Green anastasias, a different flower for lovers of the quintessential color of nature

A different and original bouquet. Get it at the Verdecora flower shop

There are those who, despite the seasons, bet on green as a color to decorate. And, for those people, the green Anastasias are a perfect option. Not only because its beauty is undeniable, but also because its color is perfect to put that note of nature.

Far from any connotation, it is interesting to know that this type of flower is one of the most used in the Eastern world. In fact, it is the key feng shui flower as it is believed to attract fortune. A good reason to have this bouquet, called Green Shui, in our house.

4. Red Lilyum, the ideal tandem for autumn flower bouquets

One of the bouquets of autumn flowers to fill a room with warmth. Know your story

A lilyum in an unusual color is our proposal to fill autumn with warmth. Beyond the fact that we are talking about a majestic flower, its red color evokes precisely the color of many trees at this time of year. An ideal bouquet for risky people who want to innovate with a different tone than the one we are used to.

Due to its shape and tone, this bouquet called Etna is reminiscent of the eruption of a volcano. A natural spectacle as majestic as this bouquet in which a single flower is the protagonist.

5. Purple daisy, the ideal bouquet for purple lovers

A timeless proposal for lovers of this wild flower. Order your bouquet of flowers here

Daisies are, without a doubt, one of the most popular flowers. A super versatile option that, in addition, can be enjoyed in a good number of colors. And, without a doubt, purple is the ideal tone to enjoy autumn.

This bouquet, called Purple Rain, is perfect for adding intensity and color to any space. And not only because of its color but also because its combination in green gives a lot of dynamism.

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