Basic gardening tools: which ones to have

Taking care of the garden and even of our plants implies using specific tools. Some that will make our work easier and will even ensure that the tasks we carry out are done correctly. Due to its importance, it is essential to know what the basic gardening tools are. And not only because knowing them thoroughly allows us to have them at hand and use them. Also because, beyond the peculiarities of each garden, knowing the essentials will allow us to optimize the budget that we allocate to the garden.

And, far from being secondary, this aspect is important. Having a large number of tools is, on many occasions, absolutely essential. But this maxim is not always fulfilled, and not knowing the basic gardening tools makes us accumulate expensive utensils that we will use very little. For this reason and always before buying garden tools, it is worth doing a little analysis to see to what extent we may need them.

To avoid, precisely, that disuse; We want to propose ten basic gardening tools that you cannot miss. Some that you can get the most out of, whatever your garden is like.


On many occasions, the size of our garden determines that list of basic gardening tools. Something logical since if we have trees or shrubs we will have to add some utensils to our list that a smaller garden will not require. But not only that: if most of our plants are grown in containers, this list of basic gardening tools can also be drastically shortened.

And before going into detail, a piece of advice. When choosing our basic gardening tools, it is worth opting for certain materials. If we choose stainless steel or aluminum, we will be guaranteeing to extend the useful life of our utensils. It is also important to avoid plastic on handles and grips. Although it is true that it is a cheaper material, its resistance is lower than if we opt for wood.

Let’s see, then, what are the basic gardening tools that should not be missing in our personal inventory:

1. Garden gloves, one of the basic gardening tools that we usually forget

What if. Interestingly, garden gloves are a real must-have. And, despite this, they tend to fall into oblivion. Either we do not use them or we do without them directly. Something that we must correct, since the function of garden gloves is fundamental. Not only do they make it easier for us to manipulate soil, prepare transplants or even remove branches. In addition, they protect our hands from unwanted injuries that, being in an environment such as the garden, have a tendency to become infected.

Gloves are one of the basic gardening tools that should not be missing from our kit. Get this model in our online store

It is important to choose gardening gloves according to their use. Beyond looking at whether they have a rough surface, there are other aspects to consider as their purpose. Thus we can opt for pruning gloves, specific for handling branches or pieces of them; or rosebush gloves, specially designed to isolate us from the thorns.

2. Sprayer, a discreet but important tool

Although it may seem secondary to us, having a sprayer among our basic gardening tools is not silly. Not only will it allow us to hydrate the leaves of our indoor plants, but also those outdoor plants that may need it.

But it is also that it will be the perfect tool to help us fumigate if we have to consider eliminating pests from the garden.

3. Shower, another basic among the basics

No, the shower is not expendable. What’s more, we consider it part of any basic gardening tool kit. It is not only vital when we have plants in containers, pots or large pots. It is also to be able to conveniently water those plants that have a more regular need for hydration.

One of the basic gardening tools that cannot be missing. Take a look at this model in our online store

It is clear that if our garden is of good size, we will have to use an irrigation system. But be careful because, although we believe that it is a good idea to water them with the hose, nothing is further from reality. When it comes to plants in pots or containers, doing so will only cause some of the substrate to be removed from the pot.

Added, the shower offers us the opportunity to regulate the type of irrigation. If it is a plant that demands to be watered simulating rain, we can do it thanks to the upper fixture. If, on the other hand, you only need water in the substrate, fulfilling it will be as simple as removing this accessory.

4. Garden tip shovel, the one specifically for gardening

We can believe that a simple shovel is enough. But not. When it comes to gardening, the ideal is to opt for a garden tip shovel. Its main characteristic is that it is curved and with a more pointed end. Thanks to him, we can easily make holes in the ground. Something more than useful when we need to dig wells to plant rose bushes, trees or shrubs.

5. Hoe, one of the basic gardening tools that cannot be missing

Having a hoe among our basic gardening tools means greatly simplifying our work. Not only does it allow us to aerate and remove the soil before planting. It is also perfect to help us eradicate weeds since, due to its shape, it will make it easier for us to uproot them.

A hoe will make life in the garden much easier. Get this heart tip hoe here

There is no single perfect hoe but, rather, different types. From the hoe, with a single blade; to the bident or trident hoe without forgetting the heart-tipped hoe. All of them are perfect for small jobs in the garden, and all of them are more than useful.

7. Pruning shears, the tool that cannot be missing

And you can’t because we’re going to give it multiple uses. It is not only key when it comes to pruning rose bushes, bushes or plants. It will also allow us to remove dry branches from all kinds of plants, clean up those that require it or even cut cuttings.

Before choosing one or another pruning shears, a couple of notes. On the one hand, choosing these basic gardening tools should be done according to the size of our plants. On the other hand, it is worth knowing a little more about the different pruning tools since, only by knowing what each one is for, will we be able to choose the most suitable one for our needs.

8. Garden rake, much more than to collect

When talking about the garden rake, it is often thought that it is only for collecting leaves in the fall. And yet, its uses are much more varied. In addition to blades, these types of basic garden tools are perfect for cleaning up the lawn after mowing. Thanks to its teeth, we can collect the grass that we have cut but that has not been collected by the lawnmower.

Both the rake and a metal comb will allow us to collect and prepare the soil. Include this utensil among your basic gardening tools

And not only that: we can also use it to rake the soil and prepare it for planting.

9. Bulb planter, the ideal tool to ensure the success of these plants

A tool that cannot be missing among lovers of bulbs. Its planting depth is usually one of the headaches of those who bet on the cultivation of bulbs. And, to get rid of doubts, nothing like having this tool. Not only will it make it easier for us to dig the hole we need to be able to plant them. In addition, it will greatly facilitate us to hit the depth.

10. Mow grass, key to garden maintenance

There is no doubt: for those who have a lawn area, the lawn mower is one of the basic gardening tools. Only with one of them, whether mechanical or manual, can we keep the growth of grass at bay.

And, now that you know our decalogue of basic gardening tools, which ones are also for you?

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