Benefits of having a plant terrarium

It is the perfect sum between nature and decoration. And it cannot be denied: due to its unique presentation, a plant terrarium attracts all eyes. It can become, even being of a modest size, the true protagonist of a space. An attraction that lies fundamentally in that unique mix between glass and plants. A beautiful way of capturing, at least visually, nature in a container that allows us to enjoy even the smallest detail.

Interestingly, having a plant terrarium is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. Although the presence of these capsules of nature fell into disuse, they have made a strong comeback in recent decades. The reasons go beyond ornamental motifs. Having a plant terrarium is a simple way to enjoy nature if we don’t have space or, depending on the plants it houses, if we pay little attention to them. Because according to their shape, terrariums for plants conserve the environmental humidity that they need to live. A perfect help for the forgetful, for travelers or for those who want to enjoy a certain tropical plant that, if it were not cultivated in a terrarium, we would not be able to have.

So, whether you have plants or you want to start with them, today we want to give you reasons to have a plant terrarium. Five arguments that will convince you to have this nature pill in your home or office.


Before seeing in detail why to have a plant terrarium, it is important to know that the versatility of these small habitats is enormous. So much so that, despite appearances, we can enjoy a good number of plants inside. Of course: whether we are going to buy it or whether we are considering how to make a plant terrarium, it is important to define from the beginning what type of climate it is going to contain. And interestingly, we have two completely extreme options: either a tropical habitat or a desert one. Something that responds, to a large extent, to the container in which we have our plant terrarium.

If the first style catches our attention, the most common is to buy or make a succulent plant terrarium. These types of terrariums are marked by drought and are usually open, to ensure the evaporation of irrigation water. An imperative need, that of not conserving the leftovers from irrigation, cacti, succulents and succulents. However, if we want to enjoy tropical plants, the format of our plant terrarium will be completely different. Given the original habitat of this type of plant, the ideal is to conserve the maximum possible environmental humidity. Something that we will achieve with closed containers, capable of maintaining it.

Defined the aspect and the type of life of its interior, it is moment to know why to have a terrarium of plants. And there is no doubt: having one is, yes or yes, a good idea.

1. Allow contact with nature

It is something that we have lost, to a great extent, with our current lifestyle. Despite the fact that cities increasingly seek the presence of nature in them, urban life diminishes this contact. One that is relegated, on many occasions, to having a garden, terrace or enjoying plants at home.

But even so, on many occasions we abandon the cultivation of indoor plants for multiple reasons. And the range of reasons is the sea wide. From those who sing «I don’t have a hand» to those who spend a lot of time away from home, without forgetting those who share their lives with an animal. It’s okay: we accept all the reasons. But, if any of them have to do with you, it is clear that a terrarium for plants is the solution.

Although it has a minimum size, a plant terrarium allows us to be in contact with nature. Discover this proposal here

Why do we insist that, despite your conviction, you enjoy one of them? Because the reasons for having plants at home are many and varied, but they can be summed up quickly: the urgent need to be in contact with nature. Something that, far from being secondary, is essential to live better. For this reason, and even if it is in a small format, a plant terrarium is a perfect alternative so as not to lose that much-needed link.

2. A terrarium for plants improves our health

What if. Even if we have a minimal plant terrarium, we can take advantage of one of the basic benefits of plants. And it is that this natural mechanism for them, photosynthesis, is a real filter for the air we breathe. They need carbon dioxide for their vital functions, and they give us renewed oxygen. Therefore, even the smallest plant will be helping us to breathe a much healthier environment.

But it is not the only contribution to our health that a plant terrarium can offer. Their presence helps to humidify the environment. Something that not only refreshes it but also allows us to keep our nostrils and throat hydrated. And just by his mere presence in our space!

3. They stimulate concentration and relaxation

And it is scientifically proven! Plants to have in the office are not just a trend. They are, according to various studies, a source of positive stimuli for our mind and emotions. They not only have an important role in minimizing our stress. They also promote creativity and concentration. And yes: this also happens when we have a plant terrarium. Even more so because, being small, they can be part of our study or work table without taking up space.

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4. Does not take up space

Another of the handicaps that plants present, on many occasions. Even if we have a tiny house, it is possible to have a plant terrarium. His proposal does not demand large dimensions or much space. It is enough to find a place for it as part of the decoration of our house.

5. A terrarium for plants is to have a miniature garden

In the same way that we can play with landscaping in a garden, we can do it in a plant terrarium. A great way to have our own garden even if it is in a reduced format.

It is clear: whether you are a garden lover or not, having a plant terrarium only has advantages. And, beyond its benefits, it is impossible not to fall in love with its incredible beauty.

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