Black magic colocasia care

There are plants that are, in themselves, a spectacle for many reasons. Either because of the shape of its leaves, because of its colors or, simply, because of its size. If there is a plant that brings together all these attractions, it is this unique black colored elephant ear. And, as if that were not enough, there is one more reason to enjoy it. And it is none other than knowing that the care of the black magic colocasia or colocasia esculenta is more than simple. A crop, yes, very specific that will bring us the immense pleasure of being able to see it in full.

The care of the black magic colocasia must focus, fundamentally, on recreating some of the conditions of its place of origin. We are talking about a plant from Southeast Asia. And, being more specific, of the wetlands and flooded areas of this part of the continent. It is precisely this aspect, its environment rich in water, which marks a spectacular development of the plant. And it is that the colocasia esculenta can reach, in nature, five meters in height.

Let no one be scared. Even following the care of the black magic colocasia to the letter, we will not achieve such a spectacular development indoors. Enjoying it as part of our indoor plants, it will reach a modest and spectacular half a meter in height. But make no mistake: not reaching these dimensions does not imply giving up its explosive growth, marked by its spectacular, practically black leaves.


Before going into detail about the care of black magic colocasia, it is essential to know something. Its leaves is what makes it practically impossible not to fall in love with this plant. And, in fact, it is as if nature had foreseen it. The abundant leaves of this colocasia variety are heart-shaped. But it is not its only singularity: its touch is velvety. Something that translates, in appearance, into a slight whitish halo that contrasts with the color of its leaves. It is precisely this aspect that makes it also called kona coffee, as they can be deep brown in color; and black elephant ears.

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In addition to this, there is another more striking aspect in this colocasia with so many names. Unlike the alocasia or elephant ear plant, with which it bears many resemblances, its leaves point to the ground.

Understanding the uniqueness of this species, let’s see what are the care of the black magic colocasia that we have to know to enjoy its exotic beauty.

Main care of black magic colocasia

1. Light, a vital aspect

As with all plants of tropical origin, their natural origins mark their needs in an incredible way. And in the case of black magic colocasia, light is one of those essential aspects to contemplate. Cultivated as an indoor plant, it demands a highly illuminated place.

But be careful with this, since it has certain nuances. Ideally, the pot should be in a shaded area. And, in a mandatory way, it is essential that it does not receive direct sun. The sun’s rays could burn its leaves.

2. Humidity, the most important care for black magic colocasia

And no, we are not talking about the substrate. We refer to the environment. This singular plant comes from swampy spaces, in which the degree of environmental humidity is very high. For this reason, you must always ensure that its foliage is hydrated.

And, especially in the hot months, help it maintain the degree of humidity it demands by spraying the leaves.

3. Temperature, an aspect to watch

And so much! It is a tropical plant and, as such, demands a warm space. The perfect range for its development should be between 10 and 25 degrees. If our colocasia were to get cold in the winter months, it would most likely completely drop its leaves. If we put it in a warm environment in time, there will be no need to worry. It will resprout when the spring days return.

In addition, it is important to prevent it from being exposed to drafts.

4. Irrigation, constant and abundant

Irrigation is, precisely, one of the most constant cares for the black magic colocasia in its cultivation. And we are talking about a plant that demands to have the substrate always moist from spring until almost winter. Its tolerance to drought is low, so it is not a plant suitable for forgetful people.

And yes: with the arrival of the cold, it is important to space out the irrigation pattern since the plant will enter a vegetative stop.

5. Subscriber, an essential in the care of black magic colocasia

Essential and logical! We are talking about a plant with a spectacular development. And that can only be achieved by fertilizing it properly.

The perfect time is early spring. And, far from being an isolated task, it should last throughout the summer. The ideal is to administer every 15 days a dose of fertilizer for green plants diluted with irrigation water.

Thanks to the fertilizer, our plant will be able to display its spectacular growth. Learn about its features here

6. Transplantation, a task to perform every two years

Since it is a plant with good growth, the transplant will have to be regular and every two years. Only then will the black magic colocasia be able to continue with its spectacular evolution. Ideally, you should postpone this task for the weeks before the arrival of spring. And, as important as the moment, is choosing the transplant space. It will be enough to do it in pots slightly larger than the one that our plant already had.

And, although it is not demanding regarding the soil, although it prefers a slightly acidic substrate, it is in terms of drainage. So that the rhizome does not rot, we have to prepare it thoroughly. This is the only way to expel the excess irrigation water.

And, now that you know the care of the black magic colocasia, do you dare to enjoy its peculiar beauty?

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