Blooming rose care

Although it is often believed that it is a demanding plant, the care of the rosebush in bloom (or, what is the same, during the summer) is far from this prejudice. And we say during the summer because it is precisely now that they begin to treat us to those so-called «queens of the garden»: a unique and spectacular flowering that is much longer lasting than is believed, as long as the plant has everything it needs (both to bloom and to maintain flowers).

Although in spring you will have already begun to see the first roses, it is from now until autumn when the rosebushes (of whatever type) are filled with flowers. This is undoubtedly a good reason for us to give them the attention they deserve, with simple care that allows us to prolong flowering until the beginning of October.

It is important to know that, if you are thinking of planting rose bushes in the ground at this time of the year, we will have to discard the idea (although we can enjoy them in pots). As a good woody plant, the rosebush needs the oscillations of temperature typical of autumn to be able to take root, so the ideal thing is that we postpone its definitive planting until the arrival of the next season.


Despite being the peak time of the year in terms of flowering, curiously, the summer months will be when the rosebush requires the least care. However, despite the simplicity of these tasks, it is important to carry them out to the letter since it depends on them that the plant (and its flowers) face the hottest months of the year correctly.

1. Prune faded roses

Although it may seem secondary, the fact of removing the roses once they have faded will not only help the plant to have more energy but, above all, it will be a fantastic support to stimulate flowering. Far from doing an invasive pruning, it will suffice to cut from the stem about three centimeters from the flower.

In this way, we will be eliminating a dead part of the plant (to which the rosebush continues to send salvia despite everything) and favoring the generation of new flowers.

2. Apply abundant and deep irrigation

Although the hot months are those of protagonism of the rosebush, the truth is that it is one of the plants that suffers the most from high temperatures. For this reason, it is important that it has regular, abundant and deep watering (or what is the same, letting the water slowly soak its roots until it is completely hydrated).

Despite this need for water, it is important to correctly choose the time of irrigation, concentrating it in the early hours of the day or late in the afternoon (always and systematically avoiding central plants, which are hotter).

3. Add specific fertilizer for rose bushes

Although the ideal for rose bushes is to supply this fertilizer during the spring months, we can also do it (with less intensity) in the summer months. Providing nutrients to the plant will make it easier for it to have the energy it needs for flowering wear.

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To do this, the ideal is to choose a specific fertilizer for these woody plants and supply it with the same time schedule as irrigation (thus, we will prevent the sun from burning the rosebush by using the fertilizer chemical as an assistant).

4. Control pests

We leave for the end what is, without a doubt, the most important task due to the repercussions it can have on the plant. And it is that the rosebush during the summer is a true magnet for some of the most common summer pests, although two of its greatest enemies are the aphid and the whitefly. In rose bushes that have been fertilized in spring, the attack of these insects will give us a certain margin of reaction (the plant will be nourished and strong to face the attack) although it is not convenient to trust and, equally, we will have to put a solution as soon as possible.

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To eradicate their presence and thus preserve the health of our rosebush, we will choose a specific product for the insect in question that we will apply, preferably, in the hours of least solar incidence, but without taking too long, since the voracity of these summer visitors can ruin not only our flowers but even the plant itself.

Four simple tasks that will require little time and that, however, will guarantee us to enjoy the beauty of the rosebush during the sunny months. If you want to know a little more about them, their types and their care, nothing like watching this video by our colleague Tomás de Verdecora Alcalá de Henares.

It is worth the little effort to enjoy one of the most beautiful flowers in the garden!

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