Care and characteristics of the Cedrón or Herb Luisa

Cedrón (Aloysia triphylla) also known as María Luisa , Lemon verbena, Verbena de las Indias, Yerbaluisa, Reina Luisa, Cidrón or Hierba Luisa. It belongs to the Verbenaceae family and is native to the mountainous region of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

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Kidron Characteristics

The lemon verbena is a shrubby plant that can measure between 1.50 and 2.50 m in height. The stems are long, woody, round, angular and branched at the top, which are provided with very fine stripes. The leaves are rough, simple, gathered in whorls of three, of pale green color with medium veins that give off a lemon smell, the same as the flowers. The latter are small, with a widened and bilabied corolla, white on the outside and purplish blue on the inside. The fruit is a drupe that contains two grains that sometimes do not mature.

Lemongrass care

It is a plant that is used as an isolated specimen or in small groups in the garden and in pots for terraces, patios or balconies.

This species thrives in deep, loose, permeable soils with a pH between 6.5 and 7.2 that are cool but not moist, as excess can contribute to root rot.

It needs exposure to full sun or semi-shade and high temperatures, so it favors good lighting in a warm-temperate climate, since shading causes large leaves and poor properties.

It can be propagated by division of clumps, layers or stakes. The multiplication by seeds is not carried out due to its little or no germination power.

In rooted cuttings transplantation it can be carried out in early spring and if necessary with the addition of compost.

Irrigation should be essential in all stages of growth. Therefore, it will require more frequent irrigation when there are spring droughts or constant summer water deficits.

Fertilization should be paramount. So the amount will have to be considered according to the manufacturer’s product in order to seek an increase in the plant mass and the accumulation of active principles.

Excessive soil moisture can lead to root rot and a serious plant problem.

The lemon verbena is a plant resistant to pests and diseases, but it fears drought, as it can lose its leaves.

Images courtesy: Zeldenrust , Nelcolombo

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