Care of Canna Indica or Caña de Indias

It is one of those plants that we are used to seeing without knowing exactly what it is. Protagonist of a good number of gardens and green spaces in temperate climates, it is not only extremely striking. In addition, the care of the Canna Indica makes it very easy for us to enjoy its spectacular leaves. Some that are, without a doubt, its greatest attraction both indoors and outdoors.

It is important to make an important point in this regard. The best way to understand why we enjoy it as part of the outdoor plants, although, in many aspects, it could be considered as one of the indoor plants. The Canna Indica is a plant native to the Antilles, so we cannot forget that it is a tropical plant. Something that we must firmly consider if we live in a cold climate and want to enjoy it from year to year.

So let’s see what are the care of the Canna Indica. A wonderful plant that, with its simple presence, will fill any space with color and life.


Before going into detail, let’s get to know this plant beauty a little more in depth. An attraction that lies fundamentally in its leaves. In addition to their unique spear shape, the colors are undoubtedly what make them a real show. Whether in green, purple, red or variegated; its decorative capacity is simply unique. And, if its leaves are striking, let’s not lose sight of its flowering. One characterized by large flowers in red, orange or even pink that stand out against the tone of its leaves.

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Apart from this aspect, it is interesting to know that with proper care Canna Indica can reach a more than interesting size. Cultivated directly in the ground, it will exceed a meter in height without too much complication. If we opt for the pot, recommended in cold climates; It will have a size around half a meter.

Finally and before seeing the care of the Canna Indica in detail, a warning. Planted outdoors and with the arrival of the cold, even if it is moderate; the plant disappears. But don’t let anyone be scared! Despite appearances, the rhizome remains alive underground to sprout again with the arrival of spring.

1. Light, essential for this plant

Despite being a tropical plant, Canna Indica tolerates a wide spectrum of conditions when it comes to location. But be careful with this: although the Caña de Indias admits to be cultivated in semi-shade, the truth is that in full sun it is its ideal place.

In the event that we do not have such a location, we will have to try to guarantee a minimum of four hours of light per day. Only in this way will we guarantee the well-being of the plant.

2. The temperature, never below -3 degrees

As a good tropical plant, the Canna appreciates the heat although it is not demanding in terms of the temperature range. In what we must take extreme precautions is with regard to the cold if we have it planted outdoors. Due to its origins, it does not tolerate being exposed to temperatures below -3 degrees. Added and although the temperature does not drop so much, it is worth doing a mulching that protects the rhizomes from low temperatures.

And what happens if we plant our Canna Indica in an area with harsh winters? Easy. If we choose to grow it in a pot, it will suffice to put it away from the cold. If we have it directly planted in the ground, we will have to consider one more in our list of garden care in winter. For our plant to survive, it will be essential to dig up the rhizomes; and keep them dry among peat in a dark and cool space.

3. The subscriber, key in spring


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Although by its appearance we can think that it is part of the green plants, it is not. Actually, cultivating the Canna Indica correctly involves taking care of it as if it were a flowering plant. Something that we must extend to the way of paying it, from the beginning of spring until late summer.

4. Irrigation, one of the most important Canna Indica cares

The only one of the cares of the Canna Indica that we must know thoroughly for its own well-being! And it is that it is not a friend of excesses, and requires adequate irrigation at each time of the year.

Although in general lines it demands regular and moderate watering, the pattern changes completely with the arrival of the hot months. From spring to almost autumn, the Canna Indica demands frequent watering, which we will have to increase, especially on the hottest days.

5. Multiplication, a task as simple as it is necessary

Being rigorous with the care of the Canna Indica, our plant will have a great development. A real opportunity to propagate it, and to be able to plant it in several different places both in the ground and in a pot.

Canna Indica is not fussy when it comes to soil: it just needs a universal substrate. meet ours

The technique is substantially different from how to propagate succulents, the most commonly multiplied plants. In the case of the Caña de Indias, it is enough to wait until autumn to dig up the rhizomes and separate them. If we choose to plant them in pots, it will suffice to provide them with good drainage and a universal substrate. If we choose to plant them in the ground, it is essential to separate each rhizome between 20 and 30 centimeters from the next.

And now that we know the care of Canna Indica, tell us: have you also fallen in love with it?

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