Caring for garden plants in spring

The temperatures begin to rise and the days lengthen, two of the symptoms that good weather is imminent. Beyond enjoying this transition, it is important that we take advantage of this time. One in which it is essential to know the care of garden plants to be able to dispense them. We are not only talking about changing the substrate of our pots or choosing the most suitable among the types of fertilizer for plants. We refer, fundamentally, to protecting our plants from some of the collateral effects of spring.

The care of garden plants at this time of year inevitably involves preserving their well -being. Keep in mind that, in the same way that plants or trees wake up in spring, so does the rest of nature. One that includes some of the enemies of our plants’ health: pests and weeds.

Two real rivals to overcome if we want to enjoy spring and summer with peace of mind. And, what is more important, with our plants and trees in top shape.


The effects of spring are also noticeable in our nature. For this reason, and in addition to knowing how to care for garden plants, another aspect is essential: that we observe them closely. In this way, we can quickly identify a disease in order to stop its effect on our plants. It is important to note that all of these plant enemies share one characteristic: their ability to spread. A factor to contemplate and, above all, to stop.

For this reason, it is necessary to know which are the main enemies of nature in spring. The best way to know what care of garden plants we have to carry out to protect them.

Insects, the first to appear in spring

The increase in temperatures is the main stimulus for the appearance of insects in our garden. Although during the winter months we have not had to worry about them, with the arrival of spring this changes completely. They must suppose, in fact, one of the priority care of garden plants. Something that is due to its incredible ability to colonize our plants.

On many occasions, detecting an insect plague in our garden happens when it has already advanced in our plants. Hence, to eliminate garden pests, it is important to know their symptoms on them. The best way, even when the insects themselves are hardly visible, to be able to stop them.

The most common pests in the garden in the hot months are aphids, mealybugs, red spiders and the geranium borer. Insects that attack different types of plants and whose presence in them can even kill them.

Multipurpose insecticides are true allies in the care of garden plants in spring. Know here the characteristics of this

Although we have specific insecticides for many of these pests, sometimes we will have to apply a multipurpose one. Something that will allow us to eradicate several pests simultaneously and with a single application.

But in addition to the pests that attack our plants, we have to consider others. Those that attack us and can prevent the enjoyment of the garden. We refer, fundamentally, to those annoying wasps that also appear in the hot months. Some that, for safety and peace of mind, we can also eradicate through the use of specific products for them.

Fungi, another threat to our plants during spring

The typical spring rains added to the warmer temperatures are the breeding ground for fungi. Some that, in addition, can appear from the hand of some garden pests, such as cochineal. Although fungi are naturally present in any garden, they do not appear or attack our plants until the right conditions are met.

Although it is believed that they only make plants ugly, their presence goes much further. Not only do they compromise the well-being of plants, but they can also weaken them and make them the target of other diseases. For this reason, it is important to use fungicides to stop its spread.

The most common are powdery mildew, which can be seen creating a whitish layer on the leaves; and the bold fungus, which darkens them. Ideally, we treat each type of fungus with the specific recommended fungicide. Or, if we have detected the presence of several simultaneously, use a broad-spectrum fungicide.

In addition to combating them, it is worth avoiding them with a preventive product. Buy this ecological preventive fungicide online in our Verdecora store

And, if we do not want to use chemicals in our garden, we do not have to give up eliminating fungi. It is possible to have an ecological fungicide that is more respectful of the environment. Some that, using natural compounds, will help to make these annoying visitors disappear.

The ants, the silent enemies

We dedicate a separate chapter to them within the care of garden plants because, despite seeming harmless, they are not. Ants, by themselves, are not a concern as far as plants are concerned. However, it is important to know that they are the great allies of the aphid.

If we detect the presence of ants on a plant, we will have to look deeper. We say this because, most likely, we will also find aphids. The ants prevent other natural predators of the aphid, such as ladybugs, from attacking them. Something that motivates the aphid to grow freely on our plant, devouring its sap.

To eliminate garden pests such as aphids, we will also have to control ants. Get to know these anti ant baits

To eliminate them, we have a good number of anti ant systems. Although we can occasionally use a sprayer or spray, the ideal is that we eradicate them from the anthill itself. For this, the ideal is the anti ant bait or granules. Thanks to them, the ants will take them to their anthill and we will make them disappear by the roots.

Weeds, in the list of care for garden plants

And we leave for the end of these necessary care of garden plants one as important as the previous ones. We believe that weeds are only an unaesthetic presence. Far from being just that, they are true enemies of our plants. On the one hand because they steal the sun, nutrients and water resources. On the other, because they are a real magnet for pests and fungi.

For all these reasons, knowing how to eradicate weeds is essential. Not only to make it look prettier but, above all, to make it healthier. Something that not only happens to prevent them but, above all, to use herbicides that allow us to make them disappear.

Four enemies to contemplate that our care of garden plants. Four threats that we can overcome so that they shine fully.

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