Caring for palm trees inside and outside the home

They are one of those plants that no one can resist, both to add a tropical touch to an interior and to achieve it outdoors. Beyond the incredible variety of species and their unique exoticism, the care of palm trees makes it extremely easy to enjoy them. Despite popular belief, they are not complicated plants to grow even in our latitudes. But yes: we must rigorously comply with their demands.

Despite not demanding much, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the vast majority of palm trees have a tropical origin. A compelling reason why a good number of varieties of palm trees are inevitably grown indoors. Detail that we cannot overlook when choosing between the different varieties of palm trees if our intention is to plant them outside the home.

So let’s see the care of palm trees indoors and outdoors. The best way to know what a long- lived plant is going to demand of us, which, with a little care, can reach a more than interesting size.


Let’s start with what is, without a doubt, the most common growing space. In recent years, palm trees have become essential when we consider how to decorate the house with plants. Not only do they add an extremely attractive green touch, but they also have a perfect natural elegance to round off a space. But the home is not the only place where they have gained ground: they are also one of the first options when we have to choose the best plants for the office.

Beyond their size, there is one more reason to opt for them that we cannot miss. A good number of palm trees are part of the list of air purifying plants. A detail that, although it may seem secondary, is not: its mere presence will allow us to breathe in a healthier way.

Let us know, then, what are the care of palm trees indoors to enjoy them.

1. Good lighting, essential for most of them

In general terms and due to their origin, one of the most important cares for palm trees is to place them in a very bright space. Only if they have the necessary amount of light will they be able to grow properly and maintain the characteristic green of their leaves. As important as this is that the sunlight does not directly affect them. It is always better to screen it through a curtain so that our plant receives light without running the risk of burning.

Due to its size, it is one of the preferred palm trees for interiors with lots of light. Get to know in depth the care of the Areca

Does this mean that if we don’t have much light we have to give up palm trees at home? No way! It is enough to opt for others such as the Kentia or the Chamaedorea that, although it is not their ideal scenario, they can grow with a little less light.

2. Controlled irrigation with specific water, the most demanding care for indoor palm trees

We usually think that, because a plant is tropical, it needs water permanently. However, the reality is far from this belief. Although palm trees appreciate a substrate with some moisture, they do not tolerate waterlogging in any way. A compelling reason why, among all the care of palm trees, we pay special attention to how much water we dispense them.

During the hot months, we will have to watch that the root ball of our plant does not dry out completely as it could be lethal. To avoid this and depending on the needs of each plant, the ideal is to water between one and two times a week. Before doing so, it is essential to check if the substrate is wet by inserting a finger. In the cold months, the irrigation pattern drops significantly: one watering every two or three weeks will suffice.

We also have to watch the type of water: they do not tolerate calcareous water.

3. A regular subscriber during the growing season, key to its development

From early spring until well into summer, our palm tree will be in its growing season. A time when it is essential to give it an extra supply of nutrients that enrich the soil and encourage its development.

A regular supply of fertilizer will also favor the health of our plant. Discover our liquid guano humus formula here

To achieve this goal, we can opt for both a fertilizer for palm trees and liquid guano. Either of the two options will help our plant to develop without deficiencies. The ideal is to administer it diluted with irrigation to make it easier for the roots to absorb the nutrients correctly.

4. A moist and clean environment, vital

Due to their origin, palm trees need a certain degree of environmental humidity. Whether we live in a dry climate or in the hot months, we will have to spray its leaves with water or create a humid atmosphere using a humidifier or a fogger.

In addition, it is essential to regularly ventilate the space in which you are avoiding, always, that our palm tree is exposed to drafts.


Knowing the care of palm trees indoors, we already have an important clue on how to grow them outside the home. Whether planted directly in the ground or in pots, there are a good number of palm trees that we can enjoy in a garden or on a terrace. Although the ground is the ideal place for planting and the space in which they can reach dimensions, depending on the variety, of up to 35 meters in height, it is also very common to grow them in pots when they are young or when we do not have soil in which to grow. plant them.

And no: there is no need to fear the cold even when dealing with a tropical plant. It is enough to know that there are certain varieties, such as the Washingtonia palm tree, that can withstand frost without compromising their life and choose; for them if we live in an area with harsh winters.

Let’s see what care of outdoor palm trees we have to consider for their well-being.

1. A carefully chosen location, the starting point

Where to place our palm tree should be a task that we do not do lightly. If we have it in a pot, it is not so crucial. However, if the idea is to plant it in the ground, you have to choose the perfect place for it with great care. One that will have to meet its light needs, its tolerance to direct sun or even the shade needs of the species we choose.

Apart from this, we must also consider another fundamental aspect. Depending on the variety, a palm tree planted in the ground can reach spectacular dimensions. A compelling reason to conscientiously plan the planting site not guided by its current size but, rather, by what it may have. Therefore, it is important to plant it away from roof eaves or buildings.

Some palm trees, such as the Canary, demand a location in full sun. Get here this palm tree that also resists up to -8 degrees

2. Moderate irrigation and good drainage, important for its well-being

As with the varieties that are grown indoors, those grown outdoors do not tolerate waterlogging. For this reason and in addition to adapting the irrigation pattern to the time of year, it will be essential to make a good drainage in the place of planting.

If we have the palm planted in a pot, the watering will have to be regular in the hot months with two waterings a week. If, on the other hand, it is planted in the ground, it will not be so demanding: one weekly will suffice.

3. A light and anecdotal pruning, another aspect of the care of palm trees outdoors to take into account

It is not one of the care of the palm trees that we have to worry about. Due to its morphology, we speak of a tree that does not need pruning except on rare occasions such as when it has dry leaves that are in danger of falling off. In that case, simply remove them.

4. A regular subscriber in months of growth, something that should not be neglected

We might think that, because they are outdoors, our palm trees do not need that extra nutrient. And no, it is not like that: they also demand it in the months of growth.

Although they are outdoors, our palm trees also need fertilizer. Get this specific one for palm trees here

In the case of palm trees planted in pots, we will treat them in this aspect as if they were a palm tree grown indoors. If we have it planted in the ground, we can administer a more sporadic dose of fertilizer for palm trees.

Dare to include one of these beauties both inside and outside your home! An extremely attractive companion who, in addition, demands practically nothing.

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