Choose shrubs and conifers in the fall

Its time has come, to change the landscape of our garden with shrubs and conifers. Two authentic autumn allies that, in addition to their rustic character, are perfect for giving color and volume to our nature space during the cold months. Two natural options that, contrary to popular belief, have incredible beauty and simple care.

Thus, both shrubs and conifers have the ideal time to be planted in the autumn months (especially in October). A key moment since the typical winter frosts have not yet appeared, so they will have time to acclimatize to their new location without being frightened; but, also, because now we still have the ideal temperature oscillations between day and night to help rooting.

If you are thinking of including either shrubs or conifers in your landscape, take a look at some important factors to keep in mind to make your planting a success.


The first thing to bear in mind is that with regard to shrubs and conifers, the range of plant species is very wide. A range that includes both some perennial and deciduous leaves, and species as disparate as fir trees or rose bushes. A disparity that gives a lot of play when it comes to shaping a landscaping project.

Beyond carefully choosing the type of shrub or conifer that we want to plant, we will have to take into account two important factors.

On the one hand, the future size of the plant. Something fundamental that is decisive when incorporating it into a garden, since we will have to be well informed about how far it can grow and if the space we have reserved for them is adequate. In the case of conifers it is simpler since, in general, they all have a considerable size.

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However, in terms of shrubs, while some (such as Callunas, Azaleas or Hebe) do not exceed 50 centimeters in height or even a meter when mature, others (such as Camellias, Rhododendrons or Durillos) can reach important dimensions (above 2 meters in height). One more reason than enough to know for sure the characteristics of the plant and decide if the location is suitable for the future.

But, in addition, another important factor that will determine the choice of both conifers and shrubs is none other than drainage. And it is that, both some and others, have this requirement since, although they are water lovers, the truth is that they do not support the puddles in their roots. A compelling reason to carefully check that the soil in which we are going to plant is suitable for them. An especially determining factor now in autumn, when the irrigations begin to be more spaced out and with the drop in temperatures, the excess water in the roots can cause them to freeze.

And with these tips, there is only one thing left to do: choose the perfect shrubs or conifers to change the style of our garden and accompany us with natural beauty in the cold months!

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