Choosing the best plants for the office

It is one of the spaces in which we spend the most time. One who, regardless of profession, can become a friendlier thanks to office plants. Some natural accessories that can not only completely change the atmosphere of a space. They also have multiple benefits in workspaces. And we are not only referring to the properties of purifying plants to make us breathe cleaner air. We also talked about the fact that the presence of plants makes it possible to humidify the environment. Something ideal when there are heaters or computer screens in between.

But, in addition to these two advantages, there is an important and unknown benefit of office plants. We refer to the fact that having them in our workplace improves productivity. And it is that this contact with nature, even when the dose is a simple pot, provides important emotional advantages. They are a source of inspiration but also of calm. Two vital aspects for any job performance.

And if having plants for the office on our desk or office is important, choosing them correctly is just as important or even more so. The best way to enjoy them in the long term.


Choosing plants for the office should be done, in fact, following the same guidelines as if it were for our home. If we are lovers of gardening, we can choose plants that require more care. If, on the other hand, we are one of those who forget to water, we will always have to opt for more resistant plants with little maintenance.

In addition to this aspect, which we can apply both in a domestic and work environment, we must consider others of the same importance. Some that will directly determine what type of plants for the office can accompany us in our day to day.

1. Natural light, essential to choose plants for the office

It is, perhaps, one of the aspects that modern offices often lack. As a large part of them are open spaces, only a few stalls usually enjoy it. The lack of light does not mean that we have to give up having plants for the office. Rather, it will force us to look for indoor plants that do not have a high demand for light.

2. The space we have

The final location of the plants for the office is decisive. If the purpose is to have a pot on the table, it should never be too large so as not to impede the normal rhythm of day to day. If what we want is to dress up the space and we have accessory tables or good-sized corners, we can opt for larger pots. Or even plants with good vertical growth.

This theme is also decisive for choosing plants for the office. Let’s not forget that many plants are sensitive to drafts. Another reason to consider before choosing one or the other.

3. The style of space

Even workspaces have their own personality. A joint design that seeks to convey its character and even create a certain atmosphere. Something that we cannot ignore when choosing plants for the office. If our office is sober, we can play with both green plants and flowering plants.

However, if the workspace is already colorful, we have to be careful. The purpose of plants for the office is to generate calm and balance, not the opposite.

4. Scents, also important in plants for the office

Plant perfumes also have their own effects, both for better and for worse. And, although it may seem secondary, it is something that you also have to think about. The world of aromas is huge, but so is the world of people’s olfactory tastes. That is why if we choose a plant with a scent, we have to be sure that its perfume cannot bother any partner.


Knowing the aspects that influence your choice, let’s see some plants for the office that can accompany us in our working day. Seven proposals with different levels of demand that, in addition, comply with those benefits that we have mentioned before.

Seven types of plants for the office different from each other, and each of them with its own appeal.

1. Sanseviera

Little care and incredible rudeness. Get to know more than one of the most common plants for the office in them

Also called Tiger’s Tongue. Extremely demanding when it comes to sun, but not irrigation. One a month will suffice in winter, and two during summer. With fleshy leaves, it cannot be subjected to temperatures below 10 degrees. They are slow-growing plants, so it does not hurt to apply a fertilizer for green plants once a month with the arrival of spring.

In addition to its simple natural beauty, it is one of NASA’s Purifying Plants.

2. Phytonia

A beautiful green plant that will delight any workspace. Find out more about it in our Verdecora online store

One of those plants for the office that stands out for its incredible simplicity. Whether we choose it in bright green, light or red tones, its simple presence will brighten up any work desk. It is not picky about light. What’s more: the ideal is to have it in a bright space, but without direct sunlight. What you do have to watch out for is irrigation. It is a demanding plant of humidity, also in the environment. Alleviating it is as simple as spraying its leaves from time to time.

To know how to fully enjoy it, nothing like knowing the care of fitonia in more detail.

3. Cacti

Cacti are one of the most common office plants. Discover more characteristics of this type of cactus

Small, simple and results. Cacti are office companions par excellence, and with good reason. In addition to being extremely resistant, they do not require rigorous irrigation. It will be enough to do it once a week. What’s more: within its varieties, there is one that is even called the computer cactus. A nickname that indicates one of its virtues: being able to absorb the waves that these machines emit.

4. Spatyphyllum

One of the plants for the office that will add a touch of color to the green. Learn more about her

Another of the purifying plants par excellence. Perfect, both in small and large sizes, for those who want to enjoy something similar to the flower. We say this because of its characteristic white gills that are often confused with flowering, and that stand out for their white on the intense green of the leaves. Spatiphyllum care is simple: good light and regular watering.

Despite this, it is also a plant for the forgetful: if it lacks water, the plant will notify us by fainting its leaves.


A wonderful green plant perfect for any interior. Buy your potho online

Another of the perfect office plants for its incredible resistance as well as being highly decorative in any of its variants. Potho care does not involve too much difficulty. It only demands a bright space, and supervised irrigation. Or, what is the same, that we will only apply when the plant’s substrate is dry.

It also has air purifying properties.

6. Monstera

Enjoy this wonderful plant for the office. Choose the size you are interested in here

A larger proposal to include in corners or more spacious spaces in the office. Imposing and beautiful, it is a green plant that is impossible not to look at. In addition to this, the care of the monstera is not a problem either. Although it is demanding of light, it is not recommended to grow it in the sun. A light and regular watering will be enough to see it grow with joy.

7.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera care is so simple that it becomes an irresistible plant. Get yours in our Verdecora online store

Another favorite for those who decide to have plants for the office. Beyond its simple beauty, the care of aloe vera is so bearable that it is impossible to resist it. A lover of light, she is not so fond of excess watering. It is important to ensure that it has good drainage to avoid puddles. Just one thing: in the right conditions, it has a good growth. A compelling reason to consider that, from time to time, we will have to transplant and find a more suitable place for it.

Among these seven plants for the office, which one would you put on your table?

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