Christmas tree: care and maintenance

The Christmas tree is a true emblem of these holidays. Not only in our country, but practically around the world. Likewise, this vegetable has a unique and little-known symbology: the fir tree represents the tree of eternal life and the ornaments that we use on it configure the fruits that the earth gives us. The accessories with which we decorate this protagonist have changed a lot since they began to be marketed. Today there is such a variety that we can adapt them to the style of each person.

Beyond this, the Christmas tree is the real center of attention of these holidays. But we must not forget that this bush needs some care so that it looks impeccable throughout the festive period and fulfills its decorative function in homes.

This is a real compromise for those who choose to choose a natural Christmas tree instead of an artificial one.


The Christmas fir is still a tree that can be found in its natural state in wooded areas. Something that inevitably marks its ideal habitat with very marked characteristics: height, cold and drop in night temperatures. It is clear that it is very difficult to recreate these conditions at home during your stay. Something rather impossible, so the only thing we can do is try to spend the time you are indoors in the best possible way.

Regardless of the type of fir we choose, it is important to keep in mind that they all share the similarity of their care, although, at the time of purchase, it is worth asking if their cultivation has any particularity.

To begin with, we have to choose a suitable place to place it, where it can enjoy a lot of light and is ventilated. It is also important that it is away from heat sources, such as the fireplace or a radiator. If we can place it in a cool place, it will thank us.

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But more than the location, the key is in the irrigation. Let us bear in mind that the average comfort temperature in homes is around 21 degrees, well above what could be considered ideal for the Christmas tree. Knowing if it is getting hot is simple, since the tree itself will send us signals: if we see that the needles begin to fall from its branches, we are facing a problem of dehydration. Another guide to know when to water it is simply by touching its substrate: it must always be slightly moist, avoiding waterlogging.

We will have to be constant with the water, doing it in two batches: a first irrigation that will have to soak the substrate well; a second, after a few minutes, lighter. It is not recommended to leave stagnant water in the bottom plate of the plant as this can cause its roots to rot.

You also need to moisturize your needles. To do this, there is nothing like using a water sprayer with almost the same pattern as we apply the irrigation. Thanks to this, we will ensure that the Christmas fir has that degree of humidity that it needs to maintain its characteristic intense green color.

Another important aspect is not to overload your branches with too many accessories. With this we will seek, fundamentally, not to damage one of the most sensitive parts of its plant anatomy: the summit. Although it is difficult to resist decorating this part of the Christmas tree, it is important that we choose an accessory that does not weigh too much. The summit determines the shape of the tree, hence if we do not want its growth to be spoiled we will have to be careful not to damage it.

Finally, we will also have to consider not harming the buds of the branches with the decorations.


We insist that the Christmas fir is not an indoor plant and, therefore, the time we have it indoors will suffer. As much as we use it as a decorative element, it is still a tree that loves cold and low temperatures. Something that is part of its natural identity, and so once this holiday period has elapsed, it will need our maintenance.

To begin with, we will have to get it out of the house and find a new location for it. If we have a terrace or balcony we can have it at home until next Christmas simply by pruning it. It is a simple maintenance task that we will also apply if we have a garden and decide to plant it in it.

If we have a garden, the fir tree and its decoration will shine outdoors Christmas after Christmas

Without a doubt, the ideal for a Christmas fir is to allow it to grow planted directly in the ground. To do this, we will have to choose to buy a rooted fir tree and, later, make a good-sized hole not only so that the root ball fits completely, but also so that we can cover it with new substrate. In this mission it is important that we keep two things in mind: press the soil well to prevent the fir tree from moving and water abundantly to hydrate the roots and prepare them for their new location.

And if we choose to plant it in the garden, beyond allowing the Christmas fir to grow in good conditions, we will also be giving ourselves a gift: being able to enjoy its decoration outdoors the following year.

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