Cold Pleasures: Winter Bouquet Collection

Enjoying nature in the cold months is also possible. And we are not just referring to having indoor plants or outdoor plants that can withstand low temperatures. We also talk about gladdening our eyes with winter bouquets. And not only because flowers are perfect for adding color and light to any space. It is that, added, they have the ability to completely change our mood. A kindness, that of making us happier, which is postulated as a true ally for those months in which the weather plays tricks on us.

Winter bouquets do not mean giving up the spectacular nature of the flower. In fact, they are perfect for discovering blooms typical of this season that have nothing to envy those of spring or summer. Some compositions that play to a large extent with the tones of winter without giving up one of the essential elements in any bouquet: colour.

With these premises, the collection of Cold Pleasures winter bouquets from the Verdecora florist was born. A set of bouquets handcrafted by our florists to make those who enjoy them smile.


Our collection of winter bouquets is an authentic invitation to enjoy the pleasures that the cold brings us. Some that, many times, we do not take into account, overshadowed by the need to relive spring. However, this season of low temperatures lends itself especially to giving us little whims. To savor the degrees of less enjoying different landscapes, or experience the sensation of feeling the warmth even when it is very cold. These winter bouquets are inspired by those little shelters that the days of this season offer us. Ones that are often more emotional than physical, and that we can feel enjoying any of these compositions.

And no: it will not be an ephemeral emotion. Because if we know how to preserve a bouquet of flowers, any of these bouquets can accompany us for at least ten days. A time in which they will bring warmth and emotion even to the grayest day.

1. Cozy Snow, one of the winter bouquets that captures the colors of the season

One of our most elegant winter bouquets. Know its composition here

A bouquet that combines elegance and beauty in its floral composition. Two attributes that are largely due to the city that inspires it: Salzburg. One of the considered jewels of winter in Europe that, if it is already spectacular during the day, takes on a unique magic at night. And it is only then that you can contemplate its illuminated citadel escorted by the river that crosses the city, and the imposing image of the fortress that presides over it, full of snow. A picture that captivates all travelers who decide to discover, sheltered from the cold, Mozart’s birthplace.

Under that premise, this composition of our winter bouquets captures those characteristic colors of the Austrian city. Something possible thanks to the combination of gerberas, pitiminí roses, coves and eryngium among other flowers. A delicate and simply gorgeous winter bouquet.

2. Wild Country, a perfect bouquet for lavender lovers

In addition to its attractiveness, the perfume is one of the main characteristics of this bouquet. See it in detail here

A winter bouquet inspired by one of the most beautiful areas of our neighboring country. When we think of Provence, the first image that comes to mind is that of its lavender fields. One of its most characteristic signs and symbol, at the same time, of the sunny months of this region. However, it is not the only season where you can get to know one of the most fascinating territories in France. In winter, Provence shows its wildest side. That perfect mix between sea, mountain and countryside. A wild beauty that captures this floral composition.

Among our winter bouquets, one could not be missing that reflected the beauty of that land even with its particular aroma: that of lavender. One that can be enjoyed in this bouquet, even afterwards, since it is presented freeze-dried.

3. Eternal Fire, a composition full of passion

One of our most passionate winter bouquets. Discover it in our online florist Verdecora

Red is the quintessential color of passion. And, for this reason, this proposal for our winter bouquets could not be inspired by anything other than its quintessential symbol: fire. But not just any but, rather, one who is still an enigma. We refer to an eternal flame that, hidden behind an imposing waterfall a few kilometers from New York, burns without interruption and without anyone having been able to explain why.

This bouquet is inspired by this secret of nature. One in which gerberas, red myrtle and roses are combined with wild oats to create a super attractive combination.

4. Mocca Coffee, a winter bouquet with a lot of history

A perfect bouquet for lovers of earth tones. Get it here!

In our collection of winter bouquets, one like this could not be missing. With delicate tones but full of life, this bouquet is inspired by one of the most special places in the world: the Café Grecco in Rome. It is not only the oldest in the city: it is also on that select list of literary cafés that, over the centuries, have served as a refuge for intellectuals and thinkers. An authentic cultural temple that pays homage to a very special coffee: the Mocca. One in which a pinch of chocolate fills the bitterness of coffee with sweetness.

Like a cup of that special blend, this composition arouses warmth. A sensation possible thanks to the combination of white roses with salmon carnations and leucadendron among other flowers.

Four winter bouquets to add color and warmth to the cold. Four ways to beat the mercury and make us smile.

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