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They are authentic essentials in the design of any garden, but they are also perfect for dressing a terrace or balcony with nature. And it is that only with them is it possible to give any space, even urban, that point of forest that we long for so much. For this reason, due to its beauty and versatility, it is time to learn about the care of conifers. Some that will help us enjoy them in perfect condition.

Before going into detail on the care of conifers, it is interesting to know a little more about them. Only by taking into account some tips about them can we understand how important they are. And we don’t say this just because they are the most primitive plants on our planet. We say this, too, because they represent one of the most extensive botanical families that exist, with almost 600 varieties. A number that gives us an idea of ​​its incredible versatility.

Seeing its tremendous variety, how can we talk about the care of conifers in a general way? The answer is simple. Despite their many faces, this impressive plant family shares their needs and cares. An important detail since, knowing them, we can grow as many as we want without too much difficulty.


The care of conifers is so acceptable that they are even suitable plants for those who are new to gardening. To get a quick idea, nothing like seeing the brushstrokes that our colleague Paula gives us on them in this video.

Keep in mind that we are talking about an extremely resistant family, so its maintenance needs are low. And not only that: taking into account their natural habitat, they are capable of withstanding the most adverse conditions. A detail that we cannot ignore, since it is a decisive factor in choosing them.

But, added, there is another reason for not wanting to give them up. And it is that the variety of sizes, shapes, textures and even colors makes yes or yes! Let’s find the ideal for our green space. Whether we are looking for a creeping plant or if we opt for one that grows giving us privacy: among the conifers we will find what we need.

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Understanding this couple of aspects, let’s see in detail the care of conifers. Some that will only convince us that they are a great option for our green space, whatever it may be.

1. Temperature, a factor that does not affect these plants

These plants are always on the list of cold-resistant trees and shrubs for the garden for a reason. Conifers withstand the most rigorous winter temperatures without any problem, but also the high temperatures of summer. In the latter case, the only precaution we should take with our plant is to spray the leaves with water in the late afternoon to refresh it.

But how is it possible that they can be exposed, indistinctly, to cold or heat? The answer is in your sheets. Or, rather, in the form of them. Thanks to it, in the winter months the snow does not stagnate, thus preventing the branches from freezing. And, in the hot months, it is that characteristic wax on the surface of their leaves that prevents dehydration and allows them to optimize water.

2. Soil, deep and light in texture

An important detail, and closely linked to the issue of irrigation. Conifer roots are extremely sensitive to excess water. For this reason, they always demand light textured and porous soils that favor the elimination of irrigation. And yes: it is also essential, both in the ground and in a pot, that they have efficient drainage.

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Added and when it comes to good upright growing conifers, deep soil is a must. Only then will its roots be able to grow properly.

3. Irrigation, the only demanding conifer care

It is, without a doubt, one of the cares for conifers that forces us to know very well the species we choose. Logically, a dwarf conifer will never demand the same pattern of water as a large one. There are also substantial differences in the water demand of slow-growing versus fast-growing conifers. Therefore, it is worth investigating the details of our plant to be able to give you what you need.

Beyond this peculiarity, conifers usually need regular and deep watering from the beginning of spring to mid-autumn. They also have a greater demand for water in their juvenile stages, since hydration will be key to rooting correctly. But be very careful with flooding or excess irrigation water. It can cause our conifers to begin to take on a brown hue. A color that is indicating that an opportunistic microorganism has settled in our plant.

And if we want to pamper our conifers, take note: all of them, without exception of variety, love rainwater. So do not miss the option of watering them with it.

4. Fertilizer, regular in intermediate seasons

As with irrigation, fertilization is another conifer care that varies according to the youth or maturity of the plant. Although during the first two years after planting it demands a higher dose, once our conifer is established, it will suffice to fertilize a maximum of three times a year.

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The ideal times for this are always the spring and autumn months. Two times in which, through specific slow-release fertilizers, we will not only be nourishing our plant or intensifying its characteristic greenness. Added, we will be strengthening it to deal with possible pests and diseases.

5. Pruning, the last conifer care to consider

And we come to the last task that our conifers will demand of us. One that not only seeks to clean our plant but also to shape its growth. But beware: pruning conifers is not always done at the same time of year depending on your goal.

If what we want is to promote its growth, the ideal time is early spring. However, if we want to stop its evolution, we will have to prune between April and May: a time when the plant is in full development. A last pruning in September is also feasible, with a view to giving shape before the arrival of the cold.

Be very careful with this, because we will always have to prune in times when there are no frosts.

By rigorously following the care of conifers, we will discover something: that they are plants that will accompany us for a long time without demanding practically anything from us.

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