Coronilla valentina or Carolina garden: its characteristics and care

Coronilla valentina also known as Carolina garden, Ramitos de oro, Coroneta, English rue, Alacranera or Coletuy . It belongs to the legume family and is found within the Coronilla genus, which is made up of about 20 species of shrubs. It is native to the Mediterranean basin.

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Characteristics of the Coronilla valentina

Branched shrub , with more or less tortuous branches, with a compact and rounded bush that usually reaches a meter and a half in height. The leaves are persistent, divided, silver-gray in color. The flowers are yellow, very similar to those of peas, they have inflorescences at the end of the peduncles.

Caring for the Valentina Crown

It is a species that is used in isolation and to form small hedges. Being ideal for gardens by the sea (as an ornamental crop).

La  Coroneta  requires full sun exposure, does not like cold and does not even tolerate frost.

It is not demanding on the soil as it can thrive in dry and chalky terrain. However, it is important that it has good drainage because excess moisture is detrimental to shrubs.

Irrigation should be moderate throughout the year, as they are plants that resist drought.

It does not require pruning, but can be cut slightly after flowering to give shape.

It does not require special fertilizers, but a mineral fertilizer  can be added from time to time so that it can grow vigorously.

It is a species resistant to pests and common garden diseases.

It is multiplied by means of cuttings that are made in the fall. As well as by seeds. This would require breaking the dormancy of the seeds and obtaining a rapid, abundant and homogeneous germination. It requires an infusion with hot water to add the seeds, letting them cool right there. They should be sown after 24 hours of soaking. For this last method it is a bit slow.

Undoubtedly a plant of little care, but that is capable of looking very good in the garden or green space. So if you dare, it is only a matter of going to the specialized place to acquire it. Now that if you already have this copy, do not hesitate to give us some tips to always keep it resplendent. What do you think? Do you like it? Have you seen it?

Image courtesy of: David Short , Trudi Harrison

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