Dehydration can cause high blood pressure, digestive problems, fatigue, or weight gain.

The dehydration occurs when there is loss of fluid from our body and not replenished.

We are approximately 75% water and if, especially in hot seasons, we do not hydrate ourselves by drinking enough fluids and eating fresh fruits and vegetables, we could harm our health and even lead to being overweight .

When we feel thirsty it is a symptom that we are dehydrated and we should drink water, natural juices or eat seasonal fruits at the moment. We should not go for a long time without drinking, especially during the hottest months and when we sweat a lot.

Do not underestimate the importance of water in our body, to give you an idea, more than 90% of blood is water, our brain is 75% water, like our muscles and even bones have more than 20 % of water.

If we lack water it affects our entire organism

– As we have already seen, more than 90% of the blood is water, so if there is not enough, the blood becomes thicker, circulates worse, the blood vessels contract and hypertension occurs . Even severe dehydration can cause death from hypovolemic shock in which there is a sudden decrease in blood circulation and the failure to provide the organs or tissues with oxygen could lead to death.

– Also when the blood does not circulate well we feel more tired and fatigued , this lack of energy can occur because the enzymatic functions of our body slow down.

– Even insufficient hydration of the body can cause digestive problems such as heartburn or heartburn , gastritis, ulcers, slow digestion, poor absorption of nutrients, etc.

Joint pain , arthritis, back pain or even migraines can appear or worsen if we are not usually properly hydrated. Continual dehydration is the cause and aggravation of many chronic physical conditions.

Bladder and kidney problems due to dehydration. Due to a deficiency of water, toxins and other wastes accumulate and the kidneys cannot act due to the lack of water. This is a perfect culture field for all kinds of microorganisms that cause kidney and bladder infections to proliferate .

Constipation can be another symptom of dehydration, as waste moves more slowly through the large intestine.

– Chronic dehydration can cause premature aging , not only internally but also due to the appearance of skin wrinkles.

Asthma and allergies can indicate a lack of water in our body because it, when we are dehydrated, produces more histamine to promote bronchial constriction and prevent water from being lost.

Skin problems are common in people who do not drink enough water. Through the skin we eliminate toxins but we also prevent the entry of pathogens. Acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. can appear.

– With chronic dehydration , weight gain is favored , this happens because many times we confuse the thirst signal with the hunger signal. Also because when we feel fatigued or without energy we tend to eat instead of drinking water or natural juices.

– Chronic dehydration could be the cause of type I diabetes , because when there is a water deficit, prostaglandin E is secreted, which distributes water in our body and makes the pancreas unable to secrete insulin

The amount of water that we each need is different, but it is between one and two liters. It is also important to drink natural fruit juices and increase their consumption, because they are rich in biological water that is very beneficial for the proper functioning of our body. The more you sweat, the less fresh fruits and vegetables you eat, if you smoke, stress, if you drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks you will need to drink more water.

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