Delphinium ajacis, a spike-shaped flowering plant

Delphinium ajacis also known as Bunnies or Larkspur . It belongs to the Ranunculacea family and is made up of about 200 species. Being originally from the Northern Hemisphere.

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Delphinium ajacis characteristics

Herbaceous, rustic and perennial plant , 2 m high, with tubular stems. The leaves are petiolate, alternate and divided.

The flowers form spikes or clusters, with a more or less spurred morphology and vivid colors, ranging from dark purple to creamy white, passing through a range of different blue shades.

It blooms in summer and winter (as long as it is in a greenhouse).

Delphinium ajacis care

Ideal for rockery, flower beds, curbs and mixed margins. It is even used as a cut flower.

It is a species that requires sun (in mountainous areas) or semi-shade (if the heat is very intense).

As for the soil, it should be acidic with ¼ peat or leaf mulch. In addition, it requires to be well drained. It does not like flooded floors during its dormant period.

Irrigation should be frequent in dry periods. So a thorough watering once a week will be ideal (spray).

Compost should be with a balanced fertilizer in the spring.

Pruning will need to be done to get rid of wilted flower spikes. It even requires a guardian to be able to stand without fear of breaking.

The pests that can attack it are the gray worm, the night butterfly (Plusia gamma devours the leaves), the aphids, the leaf miners, the larvae of the fly (Phytomyza works galleries in the leaves), the red spider, the snails and slugs (pierce leaves).

Diseases that can harm it are bacteriosis, white neck rot, bacterial wilt, Pseudomonas delphinii bacteria, and excess moisture.

The multiplication is by means of cuttings or seeds.

For the latter, a cold treatment in domestic refrigeration at 5˚C would have to be given for about 20 days. You can also soak the seed for 24 hours to improve germination.

As they are not easy procedures, it is advisable to acquire it in specialized places. Now that if you are a fierce man, it is worth trying so that you can enjoy the beauty of its flowers.


In homeopathy, Delphinium ajacis stands out for being diuretic, antiparasitic or anthelmintic and cathartic.

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