Dieffenbachia care, the easy plant

It is one of the ideal indoor plants to decorate, a reason why it is extremely popular. In addition to its attractiveness, Dieffenbachia care is so simple that it makes it even easier to enjoy it. But it is not the only thing that makes it irresistible because it is convenient to know a detail that makes them absolutely unique, but really! And it is that the drawing of its leaves varies from one specimen to another, making each Dieffenbachia simply exceptional.

Originally from central and southern America, in nature it can reach 20 meters in height. Dimensions that are far from the size that it can reach if we grow it in a pot, a location in which it can reach two meters. Despite its origins, it is not the classic tropical plant when it comes to cultivation. One reason why it is almost mandatory to put it on the list of easy to care for plants .

For all its virtues, knowing in depth the care of Dieffenbachia is key to its well-being. But first of all, it is convenient to know that it is a toxic plant in all its parts, so it is not the ideal one if there are animals or small hands in our house.


Apart from the fact that Dieffenbachia care is affordable even for those who care for plants seems like a titanic task and call themselves «plant killers», it is worth knowing in depth what makes it one of the essential indoor plants. In addition to its upright bearing, Dieffenbachia has large lanceolate leaves in which green, in different intensities, is the characteristic tone along with other shades such as yellow and white.

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Although it does not usually occur when we grow it as part of our indoor plants, it does flourish in nature. Its flowers are whitish and form a spadix, similar to the classic flowering of two other plants of the same family: the Cala and the Anthurium.

That said, let’s see what are the care of Dieffenbachia to grow it successfully. Something more than simple since, in addition to everything said, we are talking about one of the plants with the greatest capacity to adapt to the interior of our homes.

1. Light, one of the cares for Dieffenbachia that will have to worry us the least

Incredible, being a tropical plant, but true. The Dieffenbachia is a plant that can even be in dark rooms with little light. Something that attracts attention, but that fundamentally responds to how it grows in its natural state: at the foot of the trees, in jungle areas. Something that marks its natural versatility before the light.

If your destination in our house is a lighted room, it is important to keep it away from direct light. If exposed to it, it will throw off the lower leaves.

2. Temperature, an aspect to watch

If the luminosity should not worry us too much, the temperature will have to. Let’s remember: it is tropical and, therefore, cold. For this reason, its ideal space is inside the house with stable temperatures such as those that we consider comfortable for us. If we are absent from home, we will also have to be careful: Dieffenbachia does not take well to be less than 10 degrees. What’s more: below five, your life can be compromised.

It is also important to keep it away from drafts, so if we place it near a window, we must be careful with ventilation.

3. Irrigation, a crucial care for your well-being

And for your life! Although Dieffenbachia is a great moisture lover, it does not tolerate waterlogging or excess water. What’s more: if we get out of hand, the easiest thing is for our plant to die since its roots will rot.

For this reason and before watering, it is key to check how the substrate is. Dieffenbachia needs the soil to always be slightly moist, so if it is moist in the layers below the surface, we will postpone watering for a few days. In addition, it is important to irrigate with water without lime.

Finally, it is recommended that you have ambient humidity in the place where you are.

4. Fertilizer, fundamental for its growth

Fertilizer is essential both to promote plant growth and to prevent chlorosis. For the fertilizers to fulfill their mission, we will have to apply it regularly.

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What is the ideal guideline? Once a month in cold months, and twice in the spring and summer months. To do this, we can combine the fertilizer for green plants with the guano, using the first in the winter months and the second in the hot months.

5. Cleaning, another aspect to take care of

Just as important as fertilizing is keeping the leaves free of dust and dirt. Only in this way can we favor photosynthesis and, therefore, the growth of the plant. Although we can only do it with a damp cloth, it is also advisable to use a moisturizer for green plants.

6. Pruning, one of the Dieffenbachia care that we can forget

The Dieffenbachia does not need any kind of pruning. It is enough to remove the dry or diseased leaves.

If our plant grows a lot and we need to lower its height, we will prune the upper part, always waiting for the end of winter. To continue its growth, the plant will generate more leaves at the bottom.

7. Pests, the last detail to keep at bay

In the same way that humans find Dieffenbachia irresistible, certain insects do the same. Thus, aphids, red spiders and cochineal have a special predilection for this plant.

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Avoiding its presence involves keeping our plant healthy and well nourished, in addition to providing it with a humid environment. If it appears, it is essential to stop its development using a broad-spectrum insecticide.

And now that you know how to take care of it, do you dare to enjoy it at home? Impossible to resist this green beauty!

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