Dracaena marginata care

It is one of the indoor plants that we could consider perfect. Not only is it beautiful and extremely decorative: it also has an incredible capacity for development in our home, adapting wonderfully to its conditions. As if these reasons were not enough, there is one more to opt for it: the care of the Dracaena marginata is perfectly affordable for anyone, whether we are new to the world of plants or already have experience.

Coming from tropical regions of Africa, its main uniqueness lies in its unique design. On the one hand, its leaves, similar in shape to those of the Cinta, are of an intense green color with colored edges. On the other hand, this palm-like plant condenses all the foliage in the upper part, leaving a thin bare trunk of leaves. As the plant grows, the lower leaves are removed exposing it. A detail that makes this plant extremely decorative.

For all these reasons, it is convenient to know the care of the Dracaena marginata. Some that should be thoroughly known, starting from a premise: we are talking about a slow-growing plant. An important detail that we must know to avoid getting frustrated or thinking that we are not taking care of it properly.


Apart from its beauty or the care of the Dracaena marginata, there is another reason to consider it among our house plants. We are talking about a plant that, apart from decorating, is perfect if we want to take care of our health. And it is that the Dracaena is one of the purifying plants that will clean your home included in the NASA list. In particular, it is credited with the ability to remove xylene: a toxic component present in environments where there is tobacco smoke, paint or car combustion.

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But in addition to knowing its advantages, there is a detail that we must know if we share our lives and our homes with animals. Dracaena marginata, like all Dracaena plants, is toxic to animals. Something that we must consider to avoid any disappointment.

Knowing these details, let’s see in detail what the care of the Dracaena marginata is. A guarantee of being able to enjoy it in our house.

1. Good lighting, essential for its growth

Its tropical origins greatly define its light needs. To encourage its development, it is essential that it is in a bright location, although we will always have to avoid direct light, since its leaves could burn.

Despite this and curiously, we could also include it among our list of indoor plants with low light. Although it is not the ideal scenario, it tolerates less illuminated spaces without too much inconvenience. How will this affect her? Slowing its growth a little more.

2. Warm and stable temperature, a must

As a good tropical plant and no matter how acclimatized it is to our latitudes, it is a chilly plant. We can never expose it to temperatures below 14 degrees, since the health of our plant can be compromised.

What is the ideal range of temperatures, both for their well-being and to favor their growth? Between 22 and 26 degrees.

3. Specific substrate, a detail that we cannot neglect

Although the care of the Dracaena marginata is not demanding, we cannot neglect a key aspect for its development. We refer to choosing correctly, among the different types of substrates, the most suitable for it.

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For our Dracaena to grow and maintain its color, it needs a specific substrate for green plants. Only with this type of soil, slightly acidic, can we see our plant develop and enjoy its unique color.

4. Moderate watering and humidity, two of the most delicate cares for the Dracaena marginata

Without a doubt, the crux of your care. Let’s not confuse its tropical character with exposing it to excess water, since it can take its toll on its roots. For this reason, the ideal is to let the soil dry between watering and watering.

In addition to this, we will have to maintain a certain degree of humidity in the environment. Something that we can achieve either through a humidifier, or by creating a humid atmosphere around our Dracaena with a pot and pebbles that separate the roots of our plant from the water.

5. Subscriber in months of growth, a job not to forget

Remember: it is a slow-growing plant. Therefore, both the quality of the substrate and rigorous fertilization will be essential to promote it.

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To do this, from spring to summer, we will have to apply liquid fertilizer for green plants every 15 days.

6. Pests, an aspect to keep at bay

Although rare, Dracaena marginata can be attacked by two specific insects: cochineal and red spider mite. And, although it is rare for them to make an appearance, there is one detail that will prevent it: the dryness of the environment. Thus, and if we want to prevent our plant from suffering from these annoying visitors, it will be essential that the environment is humid or, failing that, regularly spray the leaves.

7. Transplant every 3 years, the last care of the Dracaena marginata that we have to know

The last of the Dracaena marginata care. Given its growth range, transplanting is a task that we will postpone over time. It will usually only be necessary when the roots come out of the drainage holes or when the planting soil is very depleted.

In addition to this, we also have to consider the container it is in. Among the different types of pots and when transplanting, we should preferably opt for a slightly larger one made of clay.

And ready! With these cares, our Dracaena marginata will accompany us for a long time showing off its unique tropical appearance, and without giving us too much trouble.

Couldn’t ask for more from a green beauty!

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