Eva pins cactus care

It is probably one of the least cultivated cacti in our latitudes, and yet one of the most striking. Eva ‘s pin cactus is an ideal candidate for any lover of so-called succulent plants. And not only because it has a simply beautiful flowering that, added, is not difficult to achieve. It is that, in addition, the pins of Eva or Austrocylindropuntia subulata is one of the most resistant cacti that exist. A true ally for gardeners with poor memory or even little practice.

In addition to these two virtues, Eva’s pins have another attraction. We are talking about a plant that, with proper care, reaches a size that is more than interesting. So much so that it can reach between two and three meters, although if we grow it in a pot it will never exceed one meter and little. A more than interesting size to place in a rockery area or even to carry out a plant closure in a certain space in the garden.

Whatever the reason that motivates us, the truth is that having an Eva pin cactus will not involve much work. What’s more: it is considered the indestructible plant. A nickname from popular culture, however, fits quite well the behavior of an incredibly robust cactus.


Before knowing in detail how to grow Eva’s pin cactus, it is worth knowing its origins. Because, precisely in this way, we can get an idea of ​​how resistant it is. And we are talking about a cactus from Ecuador and Peru. But not, precisely, from its jungle areas. Eva’s pins originate from desert areas of these two countries. Some areas marked by extreme weather conditions. So yes: despite being very far from its homeland, it will be able to grow in conditions in our climate.

But to do so we must take into account some precautions. Some that do not imply difficulty but that, yes, can directly determine their growth.

1. Light, essential in the development of the Pins de Eva cactus

Considering where this cactus comes from, it is logical. Eva’s pin cactus demands a good sun exposure. A factor that is absolutely fundamental for it to have that spectacular growth that we have mentioned before. But not only that: only with a good light, it will be able to flower in conditions at the end of spring.

But be careful, let’s take into account a couple of aspects. Let’s start by saying that Eva’s pin cactus is so adaptable that it can also be in semi shade with good light. Although it can survive, make no mistake: we will not see it grow at that rate that we mentioned. And not only that: we will not see it flourish either.

2. Irrigation, rather scarce

A determining point for the well-being of this plant. And it is that, in spite of everything, how to water succulents correctly usually generates many doubts. For this reason, in the case of the care of Eva’s pins, we will have to be especially careful.

Its desert origins directly mark this point. And, although on the subject of light it is possible to be more lax, the same does not happen with water. Let us not forget that it is a cactus and, as such, does not tolerate excess watering in any way. The guideline is difficult to set and depends, to a large extent, on the weather conditions of each place. However, in general terms, we can be guided by a rule: two weekly waterings in the hottest months, one watering every 15 days the rest of the year.

In any case, and beyond counting the days, there is something to keep in mind. Before watering, we will always have to touch the substrate to know what state it is in. If it’s completely dry, it’s time to water again.

But be careful not to want to flood it and make it thirsty. Eva’s pin cactus will manifest itself in a very specific way: wrinkling its leaves. And, unfortunately, by the time they reach this state, it will more than likely be too late to solve the lack of water.

3. The soil, another essential in the cultivation of the Pins de Eva cactus

We do not mean that the Eva pin cactus is especially demanding with the soil. It really isn’t, to the point where it can thrive even in limestone soil. However, and as a good cactus, it demands efficient drainage that prevents the accumulation of water.

Having a specific substrate for cacti is crucial for Eva’s pin cactus. Know its characteristics here

But not only that. Beyond creating it correctly, whether planted in the ground or in a pot, it is essential to use a substrate for cacti. The only way to guarantee this cactus the nutrients and the elimination of excess irrigation that it demands.

4. The temperature, even below zero

Thinking that it comes from a desert, we could believe that it only admits warm temperatures. And no, it’s not. In fact, those original areas of the Eva pin cactus have significant temperature fluctuations between day and night. Therefore, even if it is outdoors, it will not be particularly damaged by the rigors of winter.

Be careful with this, let’s not relax more than necessary. Eva’s pin cactus tolerates up to four degrees below zero, and as long as there are occasional frosts. In case of suffering a continuous cold season, it is better to protect it.

5. The subscriber, only in the hot months

The months of high temperatures and sun are the ones with the highest growth of the Eva pins cactus. Therefore, we not only have to be vigilant when it comes to irrigation. It is also important to help our plant to grow and be properly nourished.

A regular dose of fertilizer will help the Pins de Eva cactus to grow in good conditions. get him here

To do this, the ideal is to apply a cactus fertilizer from the beginning of spring to the end of summer.

We do not make a separate chapter on pests because Eva’s pin cactus is so extremely robust that it is not usually affected by any. Of course: watch out for slugs and snails because the Austrocylindropuntia subulata is one of their obscure objects of desire.

And, knowing how Eva’s pin cactus is grown, there is only one more thing left to do: make a hole for it in our garden or our pots.

We will not regret enjoying this desert beauty that, curiously, is intensely green.

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