Events on Organic Farming that you should not miss

We bring you some events on organic farming that may interest you. For a few years, we have been more responsible with our consumerism and with the techniques used in the products we eat and therefore, it is not uncommon to see events on organic farming more frequently.

It is no longer something that is only available to professionals. In the article FECOART HERVÁS 2014. FAIR OF ECOLOGICAL AND ARTISAN PRODUCTS we already saw that you are interested in this type of event, and for this reason we propose the following.


The SEAE or what is the same the Spanish Society of Ecological Agriculture is the promoter of this event. It is a society that aims to bring together farmers, scientists, technicians and other people who want to develop sustainable agricultural production systems to obtain food and raw materials of the highest quality. With this objective, they intend to respect the environment and promote life in villages and rural resources.

Last year the I SYMPOSIUM ON ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE was held in Valencia and in which they wanted to stimulate organic citrus farming.

On this occasion, representatives of seven Mediterranean countries attended as a continuation of the I IFOAM International Conference held in Gandía in 2005.

In this first symposium, the objectives that were discussed were to exchange research results with an emphasis on citrus, an analysis of this sector and to prepare recommendations for the development of citriculture.Citrus is something that must be taken into account since in countries like Italy and Spain the % of UAA (agroecologically useful surface) is high.

This year 2014, in the II MEDITERRANEAN SYMPOSIUM ON ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE, the topic of ecological urban and peri-urban gardens will be dealt with mainly. According to SEAE, this type of orchard that comes from Arab orchards:

It is very likely that the current global crisis we are experiencing will also influence the increase in these productive spaces


When does this event start?

Well, this event is also held in Valencia between October 2 and 3 at the city’s Fairgrounds. To register you still have time and the registration costs can be found at the following link that I put here where you will find the program of activities.


vegetable world

Another parallel plan to do in Valencia from October 1 to 3? Well, in the city of Turia, the Vegetal World is held, which is a forum for professionals in innovation and agricultural technology. It is an international fair in which different companies in the sector exhibit their novelties and offer a large number of workshops. In turn, three other fairs come together in the same space:

  • IBERFLORA: International Plant and Flower Fair, Gardening, Technology and DIY Garden.
  • EUROBRICO : International DIY Fair
  • ENCAJA : Fair of Storage and Distribution Solutions for companies and Points of sale

In a total of 8 pavilions you will also find exhibitions, grafting and pruning, irrigation and fertigation workshops


This is the title of the 4th BIODIVERSITY FORUM is an annual meeting organized by the Seed Exchange Bank, which will be held from September 19 to 21, in which different horticultural production practices will be shared.

This forum is held in the Matadero de Madrid, for those of you who are not from this city, it is a place that was formerly the Madrid slaughterhouse but is currently a cultural space in which temporary exhibitions or theatrical activities are installed.

It is inside the Madrid-Rio park, and personally I recommend that those of you who have not been, go through this center. Also now, the Madrid City Council has installed a public bicycle system and it could be a good plan to go through this park to the Matadero

What do we harvest? –

Let’s continue with the 4th Biodiversity Forum, organized by ECOSECHA and they propose different activities during the weekend.


Another good idea for this Sunday is to be able to go out on Sunday because of climate change. More than 250 organizations have called different activities in Madrid, New York, London, Paris… This is because next week the UN is meeting at a climate summit in which 120 heads of state and heads of state will meet.

In Madrid, the organization will be carried out by EQUO (a political formation led by Juan López Uralde), Greenpeace, Ecologists in Action, WWF or Friends of the Earth and will begin at 11:30 in the morning in front of the Ministry of the Environment.

Well folks, I hope these ideas help you and you enjoy some good ecological plans

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