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When it comes to having a beautiful plant to add to any ornamental space, the dracaena marginata is very effective.

It is a plant that can be kept indoors or outdoors, the latter being the favorite space in case of environments with warm climates.

Due to its decorative purpose, it is essential that the plant shows its best characteristics and one of the ways to achieve this is with nutrients.

What nutrients? Those that you will be able to contribute through a fertilizer for dracaena marginata and then we will see everything about this topic. Are you coming?

Why is it important to fertilize dracaenas marginatas?

Dracaenas marginatas are fertilized with the main objective of ensuring optimum health. They are resistant plants, without a doubt, but it is essential to apply the necessary nutrients to reinforce any imbalance that it has.

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Fertilizers can also help the plant grow with more spirit, even improving the issue of vigor. At certain times, compost can help the plant prepare for winter dormancy.

And a well-fertilized plant sees the chances of suffering from an attack by pests or diseases reduced because it is capable of resisting.

How often should we pay the dracaenas marginatas?

The rate of subscribers for the dracaenas marginatas will be marked by it, always taking into account its characteristics and those of the soil.

The most recommended, in any case, is to make contributions during the spring and summer at the rate of a monthly fertilization.

In some cases it becomes essential to support the plant in the fall, just before the arrival of winter.

This in order to reinforce its internal structure to withstand the coming low temperatures. In any case, it is better that you make the decisions according to the conditions in which your specimen is.

For example, plants of this species that are indoors in pots have far fewer needs than those outdoors. The only period in which it is not recommended to apply fertilizers is during the winter.

If you fertilize with homemade products, these frequencies must be reduced a lot because they are slow-release.

What nutrients do dracaenas marginatas need?

The main nutrient that dracaenas marginatas must have present is nitrogen (N) because it will be in charge of making the leaves grow longer and more vigorous.

As it is not a flowering plant, potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) which are the other macronutrients, you can have them in regular and identical levels.

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What you do need to pay close attention to is iron (Fe), since it will be what will allow the leaves to be green and shiny.The rest of the micronutrients must be provided in sufficient quantities so that there are no imbalances.

A good way to know exactly what nutrients are most needed is with the soil study, in case it is possible for you to apply it.

What kind of fertilizers do dracaenas marginatas need?

It is not necessary to look for a very special fertilizer for the dracaenas marginatas because any one will do well. What could be considered more favorable is that it is in a liquid state, so that you can administer it through the irrigation water.

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This is a very useful mode for plants that are potted indoors. But if you don’t have it available, homemade organic fertilizers will do just fine, especially when planted in the garden.

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Among these, we have the most special ones for this function, which would be earthworm humus and homemade organic matter such as well-fermented homemade compost.

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How do we prepare fertilizer for dracaenas marginatas?

The preparation of water-soluble fertilizers that you buy in an agricultural store must respect the instructions indicated on the packaging.

The most convenient thing is that you adjust it according to the needs of your plants and the soil conditions you have.

In the case of homemade organic fertilizers, the correct application formula will be fertilizing around the plant, preferably when it is planted in the garden, not in a pot.

The reason is that they usually have a variable concentration of nutrients that is very difficult to measure, so it is better to ensure a slow release. Then, after you have the fertilizer, spread it around the perimeter of the roots and stir a little together with the soil so that they mix.

In this case, the fertilization process should not be as frequent as with liquids, but they will be used once or twice a year, at most.

How do we detect if the dracaenas marginatas need fertilizer?

The main reference that we will have that the nutritional levels of the dracaena go wrong comes with the observation.

These are vigorous plants, growing with vertically directed leaves, and should generally maintain this texture.

It must be considered that the normal growth rate of the dracaenas marginatas is rather slow, so it is not necessary to overfeed.

An iron deficiency can be seen with leaves that turn yellow, although they retain the characteristic green of the veins. In addition to that, yellow leaves can also be a sign that there is a calcium or nitrogen deficit.

In some cases, elevated levels of one nutrient negatively impact the absorption of other nutrients, so be on the lookout for this. The subscriber of the dracenas marginatas is a simple task to plan and to fulfill, so you should not have any type of problem.

You will only have to arm yourself with patience because even with fertilizers it tends to grow slowly, but it is part of its strategy to be in the best conditions. You concentrate on what you can resolve, such as choosing a quality fertilizer, complying with the fertilization parameters and applying the rest of the recommendations.

From the rest, your dracaena marginata will be in optimal condition and the smile you will have on your face will not be comparable to anything else.

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