Five plants for your fall garden

With the arrival of autumn, it seems that the garden goes into the background. Beyond the tasks typical of this season (which, as we saw a few days ago, basically consist of preparing it for the cold), the truth is that we can still enjoy it even when winter makes its presence known.

And it is that, despite the fact that spring and summer take center stage, the truth is that autumn and winter are also months in which we can enjoy the beauty of flowers. It is only necessary to know which are the perfect flowers for the garden at this time. A combination of plant with flower and without it that will allow us to enjoy the natural beauty of our own landscape, even at this time of year.

For this reason, today we propose five plants for the autumn garden. Five that resist low temperatures well and that will help us live with nature also this time of year.


First of all, it is important to know that there are many more plants for the fall. However, today we make a selection of some of the most common (either because of its color, its resistance or its beauty). A selection of plants to enjoy the garden with color but also without giving up the green that you like to see so much in the sunny months.

Pansies and Violas

We will never get tired of choosing them to enjoy the garden in autumn and, also, in winter. Resistant, long-lasting and colorful, both Pansies and Violas are perfect plants to enjoy flowers even when it’s cold. Its extraordinary roughness and rustic spirit allow us to enjoy its flowering without a great demand for care on our part.

As we have already seen in this other post of tips for growing Pansies, both this species and the Violas will need little from us: a soil rich in nutrients, good drainage and a constant humidity range.


Another one of the usual ones and it is not for less! Because if something characterizes the Cyclamen, it is that it is a plant (bulbo, although little is known) that perfectly resists the low temperatures of winter, decorating it with the beauty of its flowering.

Although we have already talked at length about its care in this other post, we remember the fundamental points to grow it successfully: avoid drafts, good level of humidity and light (but never direct).

ornamental cabbage

Its resemblance to the cabbages of the garden is amazing… but nothing to see! Unlike the previous ones, ornamental cabbages are not edible but they are ideal allies to give color to a garden or even a terrace. To be successful with their growth, the ideal is to plant them before the end of October at the latest and choose them small, so that they will grow in their final planting location.

And to enjoy the color of its curly leaves, care is simple: light, regular watering (preventing the substrate from drying out) and pest control (it is a plant that worms love in winter, and aphids in summer)..


A perfect climber to have the colorful green in the garden. Ivy is also resistant and, furthermore, it is the queen of simple care: it does not require a soil with a certain pH or rich in nutrients, it grows better in the shade than in full sun, it resists well the lack of water (something that makes it perfect for those who are forgetful about irrigation or who have not yet dared to install a system to avoid forgetfulness), etc.

Let’s just contemplate something: that it is a plant that can grow significantly. It is important to take this into account when planting it, but also when looking for other neighboring plants!

Margaret Aster

It is considered the Autumn Daisy and, without a doubt, it is one of the protagonists of this time of year. Like all the plants that we have seen in this recommendation of five plants for the garden in autumn, the Aster does not require great care either: it does not ask for rich soil and we will not have to worry about watering (one a week in winter will be enough).

We only have to be careful with two aspects that are true needs of the Aster: on the one hand, it requires good drainage; on the other, help it with fertilizer during the cold months to better cope with low temperatures.

Five different plants that can be enjoyed individually but also together. Five proposals to enjoy the natural beauty of plants even when it’s cold. Because, make no mistake, flowers aren’t just for summer!

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